When can I apply for DV Lottery 2023?

When can I apply for DV Lottery 2023?

For FY 2023, the U.S. Department of State DV lottery program will make up to 55,000 green card numbers available through random selection. Foreign nationals selected in the lottery will be eligible to submit a green card application during the 2023 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2022.

When can I apply for the green card lottery 2022?

Visas become available in October 2022 and must be issued by September 30, 2023. Most foreign nationals are eligible to apply except for those from high-immigrating countries. This year, foreign nationals of the following 19 countries are excluded from entering the DV-2023 Lottery program: Bangladesh.

Is 2023 green card lottery free?

WHAT IS THE LAST DATE TO APPLY FOR THE GREEN CARD LOTTERY 2023? Applications can only be done online, they allow only one entry per person, and applying is free. Usually, the application process is only open for a limited time from October to November.

When can I apply for the green card lottery 2021?

The process has four steps; here are the dates for each step: Submission – Applicants can apply for the DV2023 program now and until November 10, 2021. Lottery – March 2022 – Winners are chosen by the Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, and it publishes results May 8, 2022.

Is DV lottery for 2022 Open?

The diversity visa lottery is open again for applicants: Registration for the DV-2024 Green Card lottery can officially begin on October 6, 2022. Tip: Participation in the next Green Card lottery is already possible via The American Dream.

Is DV lottery Result 2022 out?

The US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs has published the results of the 2022 Diversity Visa programme (DV-2022) today.

How can I apply for DV lottery 2022?

You can enter the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery for free at www.state.gov or use our service if you need any help with the application process. www.dvlottery.com is powered by The American Dream – US GreenCard Service GmbH, a government licensed immigration consultancy.

Is applying for green card free?

All you need to know about US Green Card Lottery. The Green Card Lottery is officially called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery, popularly known as the Green Card Lottery. Submitting an application to the Green Card Lottery is free.

Is green card application open?

If you dream of an unlimited life in the USA, you should get yourself a Green Card. The application deadline for the Green Card Lottery ends on October 15th, 2022! Until then, you can apply for one of the highly desired US immigrant visas with The American Dream.

Can I apply for green card lottery if I overstayed my visa?

Can I Apply for a Green Card if I Overstayed my Visa? Yes, you can apply for a green card if you overstayed a visa. You can apply to become a green card holder from inside the United States (known as an adjustment of status) or abroad (through consular processing).

Is the green card lottery open?

DV-2023 officially closed! The US authorities have officially closed the registration period for the DV-2023 Green Card Lottery in early November. The American Dream has thoroughly checked and prepared thousands of applications before submitting them to the US authorities. Learn more about the next steps!

How do I apply for U.S. visa 2022?

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