What was William Adams report?

What was William Adams report?

Answer. Answer: William Adam was a Scottish missionary who created a report on the education system of Bengal and Bihar. According to his report, the local schools did not have any benches or chairs and there were not any annual exams either. …

What was William Adam report on Indian education?

In 1835, Lord William Bentinck, Governor-General of India appointed Adam to do a survey about the education in Bengal and Bihar and suggest a future perspective. William Adam submitted three reports (1835-1838) famously referred to as Adam’s report on Education.

What happened to local schools William Adam’s report?

After the Company got Adam’s report, it immediately took decision to improve the system of vernacular education. The Company appointed a number of pandits, each in charge of looking after four to five schools. The task of the pandit was to visit the pathshalas and try to improve the standard of teaching.

Why did William Adam came to India?

Scotland and India Adam volunteered to become a missionary and by 1818 he was working hard north of Calcutta trying to master Sanskrit and Bengali. Having learned these he was engaged in creating a translation of the new testament in Bengali.

In which year the third report of William Adam was placed?

William Adam, a Christian Missionary was appointed by the Governor General Lord Bentinck to survey the status of education in India because he wanted to objectively ascertain the need for western education. Adam submitted three reports. consecutively, two in 1835 and a detailed third report in 1838.

Which place does William Adam toured before producing his report?

Answer: In the 1830s, William Adam, a Scottish missionary, toured the districts of Bengal and Bihar. He had been asked by the Company to report on the progress of education in vernacular schools.

WHO estimated there were 100000 schools in Bengal?

According to the Adam’s enquiry, around 1835 there existed approximately 100,000 village schools in the Bengal Presidency, offering an education to 13.2% of boys.

Who submitted a report on indigenous education that existed in India?

In Bengal, a special enquiry into the condition of indigenous education was conducted in 1835 – 38, under the orders of Lord William bentinck, by William Adams, a missionary who had devoted himself to the cause of Indian education.

Who was William Adam what work was assigned to him by the company?

1) William adam was a scottish missionary. He was given the task of reporting the company on the progress of education in original Non-english schools of India.

What was the condition of Pathshalas where William Adam visited?

These Pathshalas did not have printed books, fixed fees, no benches and chairs, no buildings, and no regular timetable.

In which year did Adam submit his first report?

William Bentick, the governor general of India, appointed Adam to survey the educational conditions of Bengal in India during the colonial rule. On the basis of his survey, he submitted three reports. He submitted his first report in 1835 and submitted the second and third reports in 1838.

What was the report of William Adam in 1830s?

In the 1830s, William Adam, a Scottish missionary, toured the districts of Bengal and Bihar. He had been asked by the Company to report on the progress of education in vernacular schools. The report of William Adam was interesting. Adam found that there were over 1 lakh pathshalas in Bengal and Bihar.

What did William Adam’s investigations reveal?

Following his investigations that lasted over two years (1836-8), William Adam submitted three reports which “remain to this day an extremely important source of information regarding the state of indigenous education in early nineteenth century Bengal. [2]

Who is William Adam?

ADAM’s REPORT SUBMITTED BY : AMANINDER SANDHU SOHAN LAL DAV COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AMBALA CITY @ammesandhu 2. WILLIAM ADAM BORN in Dunfermline. Fife ,Scotland on November 1 ,1796 He began his ministry as a Baptist missionary in India Deeply influenced by famous Scottish churchman 3.

How many reports did Adam submit?

Adam submitted 3 reports (1835-1838). His report was a digest of the earlier reports on the subjects. The second and third reports were based on the survey he conducted.

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