What was the Great Storm of 1987 called?

What was the Great Storm of 1987 called?

The most famous sting jet storm the UK experienced was the so-called Great Storm in October 1987 which reached speeds of up to 115mph. The weather phenomenon claimed 18 lives and an estimated 15 million trees were brought down by gusts, the Met Office said.

Was there a big storm in 1987?

The British National Grid suffered heavy damage, leaving thousands without power. At least 22 people were killed in England and France….Great storm of 1987.

Highest winds 86 mph (139 km/h)
Highest gust 134 mph (216 km/h)
Lowest pressure 953 mb (28.14 inHg)
Fatalities 22
Damage £2 billion (5.751 today), 23 billion francs (7.966 today)

What day was the Great Storm of 1987?

When was the Great Storm of 1987? It was a mild and seemingly normal autumn evening when Britons retired to their beds on Thursday 15th October 1987. They were blissfully unaware that the coming hours would transform parts of southern England for years to come.

Was 1987 storm a hurricane?

This storm wasn’t officially a hurricane as it did not originate in the tropics – but it was certainly exceptional. In the Beaufort scale of wind force, Hurricane Force (Force 12) is defined as a wind of 64 knots or more, sustained over a period of at least 10 minutes.

What did Michael Fish say in 1987?

How 1987 Great Storm claimed 18 lives, flattened 15million trees and caused £1.5billion worth of damage – after forecaster Michael Fish infamously told the nation ‘don’t worry, there isn’t a hurricane on the way’

What was the worst storm in US history?

United States

Rank Hurricane Season
1 “Galveston” 1900
2 “San Ciriaco” 1899
3 Maria 2017
4 “Okeechobee” 1928

How fast was the great storm of 1987?

A powerful storm ravaged many parts of the UK in the middle of October 1987. With winds gusting at up to 100mph, there was massive devastation across the country and 18 people were killed.

Can you stay in the eye of a hurricane?

It’s not entirely uncommon for people in the eye of a hurricane to assume the storm has passed and think it’s safe to go outside. People caught in the eye need to continue sheltering in place and, if anything, prepare for the worst. Circling the center eye are the eyewall winds, the strongest in the hurricane.

What was the name of the storm in 1987?

Great Storm of 1987. The Great Storm of 1987 was a violent extratropical cyclone that occurred on the night of 15–16 October, with hurricane-force winds causing casualties in England, France and the Channel Islands as a severe depression in the Bay of Biscay moved northeast.

How much damage did the Great Storm of 1987 cause?

A look back at the devastation wrought by the Great Storm of 1987. The cyclone killed 18 people and caused an estimated £1 billion of damage when it struck the south of England 30 years ago. It also destroyed buildings and infrastructure, causing widespread power cuts. Around 15 million trees were torn down by the winds.

What happened in the Great Storm 30 years ago?

hese incredible images show the destruction ravaged upon London by the Great Storm which struck 30 years ago today. In 1987, BBC weatherman Michael Fish famously downplayed rumours of a hurricane before 100mph winds wreaked havoc across the country just hours later.

Was there a James Bond movie at the time of Great Storm?

Margaret Thatcher, pictured during a visit to Medway earlier in 1987, was Prime Minister at the time of the Great Storm. The 15th James Bond film, The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton as 007, had been released in the summer. Films showing in British cinemas at the time included Fatal Attraction and Dirty Dancing.

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