What song did they play on General Hospital today?

What song did they play on General Hospital today?

Brings Me Back to You (From “General Hospital”)

What is the name of the theme song from General Hospital?

Later that year, it gained new exposure as the romantic theme song for Luke Spencer, a leading character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. ABC received so many inquiries about the song that Warner Bros. decided to re-release “Baby, Come to Me” as a single.

What is the name of the band on General Hospital?

Jonathan Jackson’s Band Enation Featured On General Hospital.

Was that a real band on General Hospital?

I think they enjoyed the idea that this was their opportunity to dress me up and make me look as silly or fun as they wanted.” To fill out his fictional band, Xavier enlisted his producer, Paul Roessler, to play guitar and keyboard, and his sister, Kira Roessler.

What happened to Jason on General Hospital?

In a tear-filled and flashback-heavy episode, various characters reacted to news that Burton’s Jason had perished in a tunnel collapse while attempting to rescue his long-lost brother Drew Cain (played by Cameron Mathison).

Who is Scott Reeves on General Hospital?

Steve Webber
Gregory Scott Reeves is an actor know for playing Steve Webber on General Hospital.

Who is in a band with Steve Burton?

Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson, Scott Reeves and Steve Burton make up the band www.portchuck.com and they have taken their act on the road.

How much do soap opera stars on General Hospital paid?

There are roughly 260 episodes per year of GH, which could earn you a nice salary of $260,000 a year. If you stay on the show for five years, you can start making around $1,500 per episode, which…

Is the soap opera General Hospital being cancelled?

Victoria reports 22,429 new Covid cases, six deaths and 1,229 people in hospital; NSW records 29,504 cases and 17 people have been interested in the story, it’s been a soap opera. But now people are going to focus on the tennis, watch the tennis

Who is the mystery man on General Hospital?

The mystery man watching Curtis and Portia on GENERAL HOSPITAL was — as fans predicted — revealed to be his father. Robert Gossett made his debut in the role in the Oct. 18 episode of the soap and although credited as “Stalker” initially, he then was known as Marshall.

Who is leaving General Hospital soap opera?

This led to General Hospital becoming the only daytime soap opera to have a vaccine mandate. Steve Burton was born on June 28, 1970, to Tory and Jack Burton in Indianapolis. He grew up in the

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