What season did Tommy Helm win Ink Master?

What season did Tommy Helm win Ink Master?

Ink Master Season 1
The winner of the first season of Ink Master was Shane O’Neill, with Tommy Helm being the runner-up….Ink Master (season 1)

Ink Master
Season 1
Hosted by Dave Navarro
Judges Chris Núñez Oliver Peck
No. of contestants 10

What happened to Tommy Helm from Ink Master?

He owns his own shop, Empire State Studio, in Oceanside, New York. He also has his own spin-off show, Tattoo Nightmares, which centers around himself, Jasmine Rodriguez and Big Gus helping clients to cover up tattoos they regret.

How far did Tommy Helm make it in Ink Master?

The runner-up of the first season of Ink Master and fan’s favorite is back to fight for the win one more time. On the last episode of Ink Master, the second to last veteran returned to the show; the beloved Tommy Helm who came in second place on the very first season of the show.

How long is an Ink Master episode?

They are judged by renowned tattoo artists and enthusiasts, with one or more contestants eliminated each episode….

Ink Master
Running time 40–83 minutes
Production company Truly Original
Original network Spike (2012–18) Paramount Network (2018–20) Paramount+

Did James Vaughn win Ink Master?

Finally, James Vaughn gets an Ink Master win!

How did Oliver Peck get famous?

Peck’s first appearance on the television was for the American reality show ‘Miami Ink’ when he was visiting his then-wife Kat Von D. However, it was his stint as a judge on his flagship show ‘Ink Master that made him a household name.

Tommy Helm is a much-beloved artist from season one of Ink Master. While he was eliminated before winning, Helm went on to another tattoo-centric show. In fact, Helm showed up on the season two Ink Master finale to announce Tattoo Nightmares, the tattoo cover-up show he hosted from 2012 to 2015.

Who won the first season of Ink Master?

The winner of the first season of Ink Master was Shane O’Neill, with Tommy Helm being the runner-up. Names, ages, and cities stated are at time of filming.

What happened to Cleen Rock one from Ink Master?

Cleen Rock One was the runner-up of Ink Master season five. He later returned to the show and became the runner-up of season seven. Time and again, Cleen showed off his skill with his bright, bold, new-school tattoos. He and Aaron Is represented their shop, Golden Skull Tattoo, in season nine, but only made it to fifth place.

How has in Ink Master changed over the years?

Ink Master has changed over the years. In season two, the show brought in the audience, allowing viewers to vote for their favorite tattoos and artists. In season three, the canvases finally got to have their say.

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