What Renato Constantino said about history?

What Renato Constantino said about history?

He opines that a history biased towards the struggles of the people is one that could free the Filipinos’ consciousness from years of colonial miseducation. Indeed, Tato’s controversial image as a historian and journalist made him one of the most influential public intellectuals of his generation.

Who is the father of Filipino nationalist historiography?

Teodoro Andal Agoncillo
Teodoro Andal Agoncillo (November 9, 1912 – January 14, 1985) was a prominent 20th-century Filipino historian. He and his contemporary Renato Constantino were among the first Filipino historians renowned for promoting a distinctly nationalist point of view of Filipino history (nationalist historiography).

How did Marcos declare martial law?

Marcos administration. At 7:17 pm on September 23, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos announced that he had placed the entirety of the Philippines under martial law, through Presidential Proclamation № 1081, which was dated September 21, 1972.

Who is the author of history of Filipino people?

Teodoro AgoncilloHistory of the Filipino people / Author

Do you agree with Teodoro Agoncillo Reynaldo Ileto and Renato Constantino said about history?

Answer: Teodoro Agoncillo said “History is about the past, not the future”. We use history to avoid the mistakes of the past, not to recreate the same events.

What does Veneration Without Understanding means?

1 “Veneration Without Understanding” by Renato Constantino The article Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino is all about doubts and arguments about Rizal’s status as the national hero of the Filipino people. It depicts how shallow the knowledge of the Filipinos is about Rizal and nationalism.

Who was El Filibusterismo dedicated to?

Rizal dedicated the new book to the three priests, Gomez, Burgos and Zamora, who were executed because of their supposed participation in the first revolutionary campaign of modern Philippine nationalism, the mutiny of Cavite.

Is Pedro Paterno Chinese?

It is well known that Pedro Paterno, a prominent leader of the Propaganda Movement of the 19th century, is a Chinese mestizo, just like many leaders and famous figures of the movement.

Who is behind Plaza Miranda bombing?

Most historians continue to suspect that Marcos perpetrated the bombing as a pretext for his declaration of martial law. There were a series of deadly bombings in 1971, and the CIA privately stated that Marcos was responsible for at least one of them.

Does India have martial law?

Martial Law in India. In the text of the Constitution of India there is no express mention of ‘martial law’ except in Art. 34 which invests Parliament with the power to indemnify persons in respect of acts done in territories where martial law was in force and to validate acts done under martial law.

What does Teodoro Agoncillo say about Philippine history?

I remember Agoncillo when I am asked to comment on the present or the future using the past because he said: “History deals with the past, not with the future. We use history to avoid the mistakes of the past, not to recreate the very same events. You cannot.”

What did Encarnacion Alzona said about Philippine history?

Alzona was one of the foremost suffragists of the country. In a 1919 opinion piece in The Philippine Review, she argued that if women were to be respected, they should be given the right to vote, since “a person enjoying full political rights deserves greater respect and esteem than a disenfranchised one.” Dr.

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