What nationality is the surname Bogdan?

What nationality is the surname Bogdan?

Bogdan or Bohdan (Cyrillic: Богдан) is a Slavic masculine name that appears in all Slavic countries as well as Romania and Moldova….Bogdan.

Word/name Slavic
Meaning given by God
Region of origin Eastern Europe
Other names

Is Bogdan a Hungarian name?

Hungarian (Bogdán): habitational name for someone from any of numerous places called Bogdány, in Abaúj, Pest, Szabolcs, and Veszprém counties, or in Máramaros, now in Romania.

What does Bogdan mean in Hebrew?

Gift from God
In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Bogdan is: Gift from God.

What does Bogdan mean in Turkish?

Geography and places. Boğdan, alternate Turkish name for Moldavia, a region and former principality in Europe. Bogdan (peak), in the Sredna Gora mountain range in Bulgaria.

How common is the name Bogdan?

Bogdan Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
Romania 28,465 1:705
Poland 4,971 1:7,646
United States 4,272 1:84,845
Moldova 2,242 1:1,588

Who is Bogdan Maglich?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Bogdan Castle Maglich (also spelled Maglic or Maglić) (August 5, 1928, Sombor, Yugoslavia – November 25, 2017, Newport Beach, California, USA) was a Serbian experimental nuclear physicist and the leading advocate of a purported non-radioactive aneutronic fusion energy source.

Who is Mark Maglich?

Maglich first rose to prominence in his field working on a team at the University of California ‘s Lawrence Radiation Laboratory analyzing liquid hydrogen bubble chamber data from Berkeley’s bevatron accelerator.

When did Paul Maglich become a professor?

In 1967, Maglich joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as being visiting faculty at Princeton University. In 1969, he became Professor and Principal Investigator for High Energy Physics at Rutgers University. In 1974, he left academia to pursue his research in the private sector.

Does Marko Maglich have a child?

Maglich has five children: Angelica (born 1989) and Aleksandra Maglich (born 1991), from a prior marriage to UCLA media artist Victoria Vesna; also Marko (born 1960), Ivanka (born 1961) and Roberta (born 1972). ^ Maglić, B.C.; Kirsten, F.A. (1962).

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