What magazines are compatible with Ruger SR9c?

What magazines are compatible with Ruger SR9c?

For Your Ruger SR9c (From $32.50) The Maglula Uplula for your Ruger SR9c will work very well for you. Works with all 9mm mags. This device is especially beneficial on newer mags and final rounds where there tends to be added resistance.

Do they still make Ruger SR9c?

Yes. The Ruger SR9 was discontinued for a period of time before it then became a Distributor Exclusive of Sports South, who is no longer selling it.

Can a Ruger SR9c shoot P+?

Yes you can use +P in your SR9c. Personally, I carry 147gr+P HSTs in mine. Click “Pistols”, then look under the question that asks “What type of ammunition should I use in my Ruger 9mm pistol?” about a third of the way down. Ruger says you can even use +P+.

How many rounds does a Ruger SR9c hold?

The Ruger SR9C comes with a pretty standard set of items which at this time are geared to pretty smart inclusion. The two magazines are pretty typical, except that one is high capacity (17 rds) and one is standard capacity (10 rounds) with a finger placement extension.

Will a Ruger SR9 magazine fit a Ruger Security 9?

Customize your pistol with the Ruger Security-9 17-Round Magazine. The magazine is compatible with the Security-9® pistol, PC Carbine™ and PC Charger™ with the SR9/S9 magazine well insert installed. The magazine can hold up to 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Are Ruger Security 9 magazines interchangeable?

This black oxide alloy steel, 15-round, 9mm Luger Genuine Ruger® Factory Magazine is compatible with the 10-round, 9mm Luger Ruger® Security-9® Compact Pistol when used with the included polymer magazine adapter. This Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory is made in the USA.

Why did Ruger discontinue the SR9c?

Recall. On April 9, 2008, Ruger recalled the SR9 model because, under certain conditions, it can fire if dropped with the manual safety off and a round in the chamber. This condition can occur in pistols manufactured from October 2007 to April 2008.

Can the Ruger Security 9 take Glock mags?

For those not familiar, the PC Carbine is a 9mm Takedown rifle which can use either Ruger or Glock magazines.

What magazines are compatible with the Ruger Security 9 compact?

What magazines will fit Ruger Security 9?


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