What is Ward 6 at Hull Royal Infirmary?

What is Ward 6 at Hull Royal Infirmary?

Hull Royal Infirmary

Department Phone Number
Ward 500 HRI Chest Medicine 01482 482225
Ward 6 HRI Surgery 01482 675006
Ward 60 HRI Surgery 01482 675060
Ward 7 HRI Vascular 01482 675007

What is Ward 5 Hull Royal Infirmary?

Department We have two respiratory wards: Ward 22 at Castle Hill Hospital (30 beds), and Ward 5 at Hull Royal Infirmary (24 beds). Ward H5 includes a 6 bed respiratory high dependency unit where we provide non-invasive ventilation for patients admitted acutely with respiratory failure.

Can you visit patients in Hull hospital?

Rules remain unchanged for those needing medical attention at the emergency department, they have to attend on their own. Patients with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 are not allowed visitors “unless in exceptional circumstances”.

How many beds does Hull Royal Infirmary have?

700Hull Royal Infirmary / Number of beds
Hull Royal Infirmary houses the main emergency provision for the trust, including accident and emergency services, critical care, acute medical and surgical services as well as the Women and Children’s Hospital. The HRI site has over 700 beds.

What is Ward 80 at Hull Royal Infirmary?

Ward 80 is the Progression to Discharge Unit where patients recovering from recent illness spend time recuperating before they are discharged home with support or to a care home.

Is disabled parking free at Hull Royal Infirmary?

The Trust offers free parking for groups who qualify in one of the following categories: Blue Badge Holders.

What is Ward 40 at Hull Royal Infirmary?

Major Trauma Ward
Contact numbers and visiting times Major Trauma Ward (based on Ward 40) – (01482) 675041 or 675040. Intensive Care 1 at Hull Royal Infirmary – (01482) 674231 or 675030. Intensive Care 2 at Hull Royal Infirmary – (01482) 675802 or 675803. Intensive Care 1 at Castle Hill Hospital – (01482) 461511.

What is ward 110 at Hull Royal Infirmary?

Depending on the severity of the stroke determines where you will begin your stroke recovery. Once admitted to hospital you will be admitted to a designated stroke ward at Hull Royal Infirmary Ward 110 where your stroke recovery begins.

Is Hull a major trauma Centre?

Hull Royal Infirmary is part of a major trauma network specialising in treating patients who suffer from major trauma across East and North Yorkshire and the Humber region.

How many beds does Hull hospital have?

700Hull Royal Infirmary / Number of beds

What is ward 500 at Hull Royal Infirmary?

Ward 500 is part of the respiratory medicine department at the city centre hospital, which treats patients for ailments such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and lung disease.

What is the postcode for Hull Royal Infirmary?

Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital Map, Address and Location Information – Anlaby Road, Hull, HU3 2JZ.

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