What is Vividh Bharti frequency?

What is Vividh Bharti frequency?

102.8 FM
Commuters can enjoy the channel on their cellphones on frequency 102.8 FM. Vividh Bharati has the largest collection of film and non-film songs in the country, and crores of fans for this reason. It is this channel of All India Radio that reaches 99% of India’s population.

What is the carrier frequency allotted for Vividh Bharati?

106.4 MHz
National Capital Region

Name Frequency Language
Vividh Bharti (All India Radio) 106.4 MHz Hindi
Radio Nasha 107.2 MHz Hindi
Sawai Madhopur FM 101.5 MHz Hindi
Noida FM 107.4 MHz Hindi

What is the wavelength of radiation having frequency 1368 Khz?

Complete answer: The wavelength of the given radiation is 219.3 m.

What is the main objective of Vividh Bharati?

Not just, longevity, Vividh Bharati is about bringing connectivity and entertainment to India’s masses that need only to fork out less than Rs. 200/- for a tiny receiver to feel like they belong in the greater scheme of things, that there’s some joy in life in India’s vast rural beyond.”

How can I listen to Vividh Bharati on mobile?

We have just created an android app for you. Now you can listen to live Vividh Bharti देश की सुरीली धड़कन on the Go on your android phone and browse the website. You can currently download the app from Google Play Store by Clicking Here.

What is the frequency of FM Gold?

100.1 MHz
FM Gold Delhi

Frequency 100.1 MHz
Branding “Akashvani FM Gold – Khara Sona”
Language(s) Hindi
Format Music & News Radio

Is FM transmitter legal in India?

Transmitting without a license is illegal, no matter if it actually causes interference or not.

What is the wavelength of 590 KHz?

500 m
For example, radio station KUGN broadcasts at a frequency of 590 KHz. What is the wavelength of the radio waves? = 500 m.

What is the wavelength range of visible spectrum?

380 to 700 nanometers
What is the visible light spectrum? The visible light spectrum is the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can view. More simply, this range of wavelengths is called visible light. Typically, the human eye can detect wavelengths from 380 to 700 nanometers.

What is the frequency of All India Radio in Chennai?

FM – Frequency Modulation services:

Sl.No Station Frequency (MHz)
1 Chennai 101.4 MHz (AIR FM Rainbow), 102.3 MHz (AIR FM Gold), 100.5 MHz (AIR Vividha Bharathi)
2 Coimbatore 103.0 MHz (AIR FM Rainbow)
3 Dharmapuri 102.5 MHz
4 Karaikal 100.3 MHz

How many FM channels are there in AIR?

AIR operates at present 18 FM stereo channels, called AIR FM Rainbow, targeting the urban audience in a refreshing style of presentation. Four more FM channels called, AIR FM Gold, broadcast composite news and entertainment programmes from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.

What are the frequencies of Radio Vividh Bharati in India?

Radio Vividh Bharati frequencies Station Frequency Guwahati 729 MW Delhi 1368 MW Ahmedabad 96.7 FM Rajkot 102.4 FM

Which is the best radio station in Ahmedabad for free?

Listen online to Radio Vividh Bharati 96.7 FM in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in quality 49 Kbps. Broadcasting was opened in Delhi (India) in 2 October 1957. At this station, for you, plays the best old songs, news, classic, folk content in free live streaming. SANGEET SARITA – (Daily at 7.30 a.m.)

Why is Vividh Bharati so popular?

Since its inception in 1957, Vividh Bharati has been providing popular and melodious entertainment to the listeners. It is not surprising that News Magazine, India Today, in its special issue published on the 50th anniversary of India’s Independence, included Vividh Bharati as one of the fifty most important and well known, that make India proud.

How many Vividh Bharati centers are there in India?

Vividh Bharati with its wide network consisting of 37 Vividh Bharati Centers and some Local Radio Stations now reaches more than 97% population of this country.

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