What is VCI and VPI in ADSL?

What is VCI and VPI in ADSL?

The most important information to enter to get a DSL modem working is the Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) and Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCI) . These two numbers simply tell the DSL equipment on both ends that they should talk to each other, almost the same as replacing a dialed number.

How do I find my VPI and VCI number?

Click on Basic Setup->WAN Setting. click on PVC Pool, and you can see the VPI/VCI list.

What is the VPI and VCI for centurylink?

Bell South 8 35
Brightnet 0 35
Centurylink / Qwest 0 32
0 32

What does VPI and VCI stand for?

Stands for “Virtual Channel Identifier.” The VCI, used in conjunction with the VPI (virtual path indicator), indicates where an ATM cell is to travel over a network. ATM, or asynchronous transfer mode, is a method that many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use to transfer data to client computers.


Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) and Point-to-Point Protocol over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (PPPoA) are Internet connection types mainly used by Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) ISPs to establish Internet connection for end-users. These are used mainly for DSL and Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) services.

What should VPI VCI settings be?

By Default the VPI and VCI value is set to 8 and 35 respectively. Check with your internet service provider for your VPI and VCI value and enter it in their respective boxes.

What is PPPoA networking?

What is VPI in WIFI?

Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) refers to an 8-bit (user to network packets) or 12-bit (network-network packets) field within the header of an Asynchronous Transfer Mode packet.

What is PPPoA in router?

In computer networking, the Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM (PPPoA) is a layer 2 data-link protocol typically used to connect domestic broadband modems to ISPs via phone lines. It is used mainly with DOCSIS and DSL carriers, by encapsulating PPP frames in ATM AAL5.

How can we establish DSL ADSL network with PPPoE?

Hosts share a common digital subscriber line (DSL), a cable modem, or a wireless connection to the Internet. To use PPPoE, you must initiate a PPPoE session, encapsulate Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) packets over Ethernet, and configure the device as a PPPoE client.

How do I check my DSL settings?

Login to the management page of the router:

  1. Open a web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  2. You will see this following page, you can check the connection status here.
  3. You will see the following page.
  4. Click Advanced Setup first, then click connection Mode, check DSL Mode and click Apply.

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