What is the weapon from Ninja Assassin?

What is the weapon from Ninja Assassin?

Raizo’s weapon from the movie Ninja Assassin! In the hit movie Ninja Assassin, you can see Raizo (Rain) constantly using a weapon that is made up of a long chain and a knife at the end of it. This weapon is know as a kyoketsu-shoge. The knife’s overall length is 11.5″.

What are the weapons of assassin?

Assassination Weapons, Mechanical

  • Mechanical weapons contrasted with biochemical techniques.
  • Areas of overlap.
  • SMERSH, poison pistols, and ricin.
  • Basic types of mechanical assassination weapon.
  • Bludgeons and blunt instruments.
  • Knives, edge weapons, and pointed instruments.
  • Miscellaneous and hybrid devices.

What were the weapons of the ninja?

Stock Ninja Weaponry

  • Katana: A ninja’s Weapon of Choice, because Katanas Are Just Better.
  • Shinobigatana or Ninjato: A special ninja sword, similar to a short, straight-bladed katana and often depicted being held in Reverse Grip.
  • Kunai: Pointed gardening spades used as daggers for stabbing or throwing.

What is the strongest ninja weapon?

The Hiramekarei, Kabutowari, Kiba, Kubikiribocho, Nuibari, Shibuki, and — the most notable of them all — the Samehada are all excellent and powerful weapons in the right hands. It’s easy to see why any ninja wielding one of these swords would be a force to be reckoned with.

What knives did assassins use?

The stiletto was preferred by assassins as it was silent, easily concealed inside a sleeve or jacket, and featured a blade capable of easily penetrating the heavy leather and fabric clothing of the day, while inflicting mortal wounds that tended to bleed less than those made by other types of knives.

What weapons does Altair use?

High Middle Ages

  • By 1191, Altaïr had reached the rank of Master Assassin and he instead made use of a Syrian sword with a curved blade and a golden hilt.
  • During his progression back into the higher ranks, Altaïr started with a basic sword similar to his personal one, though it lacked a cross guard.

Do ninja use guns?

Do ninja use guns? Equipment. Ninja utilized a large variety of tools and weaponry, some of which were commonly known, but others were more specialized. Most were tools used in the infiltration of castles.

What was the first ninja weapon?


Ninjatō / Shinobigatana (忍者刀 / 忍刀)
Place of origin Japan
Service history
Used by Shinobi, Ninjutsu practitioners

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