What is the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium about?

What is the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium about?

It continues themes of sanctification and holiness from earlier sections. It affirms the ancient Church practices of remembering the saints and imploring their intercession. It affirms “the sacred Liturgy, wherein the power of the Holy Spirit acts upon us through sacramental signs” and anticipates worship in heaven.

What is Lumen Gentium?

First, the title of the document known as the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church: in Latin, it is titled Lumen Gentium, which means, “the light of the nations.” This light is Jesus Christ.

What were the main points of Vatican 2?

Second Vatican Council, also called Vatican II, (1962–65), 21st ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church, announced by Pope John XXIII on January 25, 1959, as a means of spiritual renewal for the church and as an occasion for Christians separated from Rome to join in a search for Christian unity.

What is the primary message about Mary in Lumen Gentium?

Mary is admired and exalted because she is the first of the redeemed. This statement places Mary among us, as one of us. The Church looks at Mary as an example of what it means to be a redeemed person.

How do you reference Lumen Gentium?

APA (6th ed.) Vatican Council. (1965). Dogmatic constitution on the Church: Lumen gentium / solemnly promulgated by His Holiness, Pope Paul VI on November 21, 1964.

How is holiness described by the 2nd Vatican Council?

The Council teaches that “the classes and duties of life are many, but holiness is one—that sanctity which is cultivated by all who are moved by the Spirit of God, and who obey the voice of the Father and worship God the Father in spirit and in truth” (LG §41); therefore, “every person must walk unhesitatingly …

Who published Lumen Gentium?

the Second Vatican Council
Nearly 50 years ago, the Second Vatican Council published Lumen Gentium, a document referring to the Christian Church as a light for the world and the source of salvation.

What changes did Vatican 2 make to the Church?

The changes from Vatican II Among the noteworthy ones were those that changed the way the church worshipped. The altar, for example, was turned around to face the people. Mass was changed to be in the vernacular, no longer in Latin. And women no longer had to cover their hair in church.

What does Vatican 2 say about Mary?

Mary is “a type of the Church in the order of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ” (LG 63). Her maternity and virginity are an exemplar of Christian life in spiritual birth by Baptism and in faithful preservation of faith, hope, and charity (LG 63-64).

How do you cite St Thomas Aquinas?

Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica – The Summa Theologica of is cited by part (I, I-II, II-II, III), question, and article. For example, ST II-II, q. 23, a. 3, ad 1 means, the second part (half) of the second part, question twenty-three, article three, reply to the first objection.

What is the universal call to holiness Lumen Gentium?

The universal call includes the objective call and obligation to enter and remain in the Catholic Church which Christ has made necessary for salvation (Lumen gentium 14). It is true that the Holy Spirit does operate with his sanctifying power outside the boundaries of the Church (ibid.

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