What is the plot of the film La historia oficial?

What is the plot of the film La historia oficial?

This Argentine drama focuses on Alicia (Norma Aleandro), a high school history teacher who is leading a comfortable life with her husband, Roberto (Héctor Alterio), a businessman with ties to the military, and their adopted daughter. When Alicia begins to wonder about the identity of the little girl’s birth parents, she finds herself suspecting that her daughter may be the child of people abducted or killed by the government’s brutal crackdown on leftist groups.The Official Story / Film synopsis

Is the official story a true story?

The film is based on the real political events that took place in Argentina after Jorge Rafael Videla’s reactionary military junta assumed power on March 24, 1976.

Who Is Benitez in the official story?

Patricio Contreras
The Official Story (1985) – Patricio Contreras as Benitez – IMDb.

What is robertos job in La historia oficial?

Alicia teaches la historia oficial, in other words, the history officially sanctioned by the military regime of Dictator Videla. Moreover, her husband Roberto Horacio Ibáñez is a lawyer and has a government position within that regime. She doesn’t ask too many questions about what his official duties are.

What happened to ANA in La historia oficial?

When her old friend, Ana (Chunchuna Villafane), returns after living abroad for several years, Alicia learns that Ana had been held prisoner and tortured for more than a month by members of the former regime, as they attempted to extort from her the whereabouts of her husband, a “subversive.” From Ana she learns that …

Who was in power in Argentina when La historia oficial took place?

Leopoldo Galtieri
The script was still being written while Argentina’s last dictator, Leopoldo Galtieri, was still in power, and the film was only released two years after his dictatorship fell.

When was La historia oficial set?

March 1983
La historia oficial takes place in March 1983 during a period of transition in which the military government prepared for democratic elections that would be eventually won on October 30 by Raúl Alfonsín. [4] The tremors of social and political change are felt in the film by its emblematic family, the Ibáñez.

What happened to Alicia’s parents in la historia oficial?

Her innocence is lost, never to be recovered. Her birth parents, brutally murdered by the military dictatorship, will never return. Her adoptive parents, active (Roberto) and passive (Alicia) supporters of that sanguinary regime, are accomplices. She plays a key role at both the beginning and the end of the film.

What happened to Alicia’s parents La historia oficial?

Who is Sara in historia oficial?

Chela Ruiz
When Sara (Chela Ruiz), one of the three women, presents to her convincing evidence that Gaby is actually her own granddaughter, Alicia confronts her husband in Sara’s presence.

What happened to los desaparecidos?

Many people, both opponents of the government as well as innocent people, were “disappeared” in the middle of the night. They were taken to secret government detention centres where they were tortured and eventually killed. These people are known as “los desaparecidos” or “the disappeared.”

Was Argentina a dictatorship?

In the 53 years since the first military coup in 1930, until the last dictatorship fell in 1983, the military ruled the country for 25 years, imposing 14 dictators under the title of “president”, one every 1.7 years on average.

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