What is the pin code of Palamu?

What is the pin code of Palamu?

What is the Pin Code of PALAMU, JHARKHAND? PALAMU Pin Code is 825102. PALAMU is located in BOKARO, JHARKHAND, India.

What is the new name of daltonganj?

The administrative headquarter of Palamu is Daltonganj(Medininagar), situated on the bank of Koel river in between 24º3′ north and 84º4′ east. Daltonganj got its name from Colonel Dalton, Commissioner of Chhotanagpur in 1861. The new name of Daltonganj is now Medininagar in the name of the king Medini Rai.

What is the Pincode of Palamu medininagar?

STD & PIN Codes

S.No. Name Of Block PIN code
1 Sadar Medininagar 822101, 822102
2 Chainpur 822110
3 Ramgadh 822132
4 Pandwa 822113

What is the Pincode of Lesliganj?

822118Lesliganj / Zip code

What is the STD code of daltonganj?

Daltonganj Std Code Number, Jharkhand

Location STD Code State
Daltonganj 06562 Jharkhand

What is the pin code of pakur?

816107Pakur / Zip code

What is famous in Daltonganj?

Essential Daltonganj

  • Betla National Park. National Parks.
  • Betla Fort. Historic Sites.
  • Lower Ghaghri Falls. Waterfalls.
  • Magnolia Sunset Point. Lookouts.
  • Netarhat (Queen of Chotanagpur) Mountains, Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Surya Mandir, Deo. Points of Interest & Landmarks.

Why is Daltonganj famous?

Nestled on the banks of the North Koel River, nature has endowed this scenic town with valuable resources such as coal, bauxite, and limestone, among others. Also known Medininagar, it is the cultural and economic heart of Jharkhand’s Palamu district.

What is the pin code of garhwa?

822114Garhwa / Zip code

What is the pin code of Ramgarh?

Ramgarh Cantonment/Zip codes

What is the pin code of Dehri on Sone?

Dehri/Zip codes

What is the PIN code of Daltonganj?

Daltonganj Pin Code is 822101. Daltonganj is located in Palamau in Jharkhand, India. The Pin Code of Daltonganj is 822101. Get more details along with the Pin Code of Daltonganj. Daltonganj is located in Palamau district in Jharkhand. 822101 is the pincode (Postal code) of Daltonganj.

Where is Daltonganj post office located?

Daltonganj, Palamu Indian post office is located in Daltonganj, Palamu, Daltonganj, Palamau, Palamau. Palamau is one of the famous district in JHARKHAND state. We have marked the location of Daltonganj, Palamu on Google map.

How to contact Daltonganj police station?

Daltonganj Pincode Daltonganj Pincode 822101 Taluk Daltonganj District Palamu State Jharkhand Phone 06562-222454

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