What is the Odia meaning of adjust?

What is the Odia meaning of adjust?

हारा-न्यारा ⇄ adjustment.

What do you mean adjust?

1 : to adapt or conform oneself (as to new conditions) adjust to the new regulations Our eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness. 2 : to achieve mental and behavioral balance between one’s own needs and the demands of others.

What is the meaning of Odia?

/ (əˈdiːə) / noun. plural Odia a member of a people of India living chiefly in Odisha (formerly Orissa) and neighbouring states. the state language of Odisha, belonging to the Indic branch of the Indo-European family.

What’s up meaning in Odia?

wassup in Oriya: ୱାଶ୍ ଅପ୍

Does adjustment mean change?

The definition of adjustment is the act of making a change, or is the change that was made.

What does Goti mean in Oriya?

In the Odia language, Gotipua means “single boy” (goti-pua). Raghurajpur, Odisha (near Puri) is a historic village known for its Gotipua dance troupes. The dance of the Gotipuas is accompanied by traditional Odissi music with the primary percussion being the Mardala.

What do you mean by love in Odia?

ତୁମକୁ Tuma Ku ( तुम कु ) Love. ଭଲ ପାଏ Bhala pae ( भल पाए )

What is the meaning of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free. WhatsApp is especially popular with end users who do not have unlimited text messaging.

What is the meaning of caper in Odia?

टुणटुण उड्या मारणें ⇄ caper.

What is an example of an adjustment?

noun. 1. The definition of adjustment is the act of making a change, or is the change that was made. An example of an adjustment is the time that it takes for a person to become comfortable living with someone else.

When can you apply for adjustment?

Adjustment is open from 09:00 on 16 August until 31 August. During this time, students can register for Adjustment in Track. They then have five days to secure an alternative place. If they don’t, they remain accepted at their original confirmed place.

How to translate English to Oriya language?

In India and world there are near about 35 Million Odiya language speakers often they need English to Odia Translation software. The online English to Oriya Translation Tool provide instant translation of your English sentences. Here we are using Machine translation software that translates English to Oriya.

What is Oriya (Oriya)?

Oriya, also known as Odiya is a language spoken by 4.2% of India’s population. The language is spoken mostly in eastern India, with more than 35 million native speakers. Oriya is the predominant language of the Indian state of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) and also spoken in parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh.

How to translate English to Odia?

For that, Select English to Odia translation while chatting with someone who understands Odia. Thereafter, type or paste the text into the input area and hit the space bar key, or click on the translate button. The translated text can be copied and can be saved as a word document or txt format. To perform this, copy and save buttons are provided.

What is the meaning of’how are You’in Odia?

“How are you” meaning in Odia is “କେମିତି ଅଛନ୍ତି, କେମିତି ଅଛ”. Who can use this free online English to Odia (Oriya) translator? This online English translator can be used for both personal as well as commercial purposes.

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