What is the nicest Greek island for couples?

What is the nicest Greek island for couples?

Our Top 6 Greek Islands for Couples

  • Santorini. This romantic island is a famed Greek honeymoon destination.
  • Mykonos. The ‘party island’, Mykonos is a popular destination for couples who love nightlife.
  • Zakynthos. Spend the day at the famously beautiful Navaggio Beach.
  • Kos.
  • Corfu.
  • Crete.

Where is the best place to go in Greece for couples?

Although many would argue that Santorini is the best Greek island for couples, there is the tiny island of Zakynthos that you should also consider. Famous for its clear water and pristine sandy beaches, you can be sure that your better half will be pleased with everything this small island has to offer.

Where do older couples go in Greece?

Crete is known as the largest island in Greece. It’s also one of the best places to go in Greece for couples in their later years. Here you’ll find an atmosphere alive with amazing food and vibrant culture. This island is also the place to experience the finer things in life.

Is Santorini or Mykonos better for couples?

Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation. Mykonos has gorgeous beaches with golden sand and turquoise water. Santorini beaches do not have typical white or golden sand. Instead, they are made of black or red volcanic rocks, pebbles, and sand.

Is Paros good for couples?

Paros is the cutest little island in Greece, and one of the most popular ones of the Cyclades. It’s at the heart of the Aegean Sea, and perfect for romantic Greek Island getaway for couples.

Is Crete good for couples?

Boasting some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, Crete has a large and varied portfolio of superb beaches, a top priority for practically all holidaying couples in Greece. To find the greatest beaches the island has to offer, head to the region of Chania, on the west part of Crete.

Which is the most luxurious Greek island?

Mykonos. Luxury design abounds in this sophisticated celebrity-favoured island, whose Hora is the paradigm of minimalist Cycladic architecture. Whatever you may have experienced in other world-class destinations, in Mykonos you’ll discover the energy is unique.

Which is the prettiest and quietest Greek island?

Best Quiet Islands to Visit in Greece

  • Kasos island.
  • Lemnos Island.
  • Skinari Beach Ithaca.
  • Kythira Castle.
  • Kastellorizo.
  • Halki Island.
  • Platis Gialos Beach in Lipsi.
  • Village of ‘Chora’ at Samothraki island in Greece.

Where to go on a romantic getaway in Greece?

Romantic Getaways in Greece: Mystique Santorini Mystique Santorini is a scenic getaway, perfect for couples on their honeymoon or romantic getaway in Greece. The hotel enjoys spectacular ocean views and stunning architecture. Rooms and Suites are built into the hillside to offer the most scenic views of the volcano and the Aegean Sea.

Which is the best Greek island for a couple?

21. Romantic Getaways in Greece: The Tsitouras Collection The Tsitouras Collection Hotel on the island of Santorini offers five individually furnished houses and a luxury villa with spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea. It a great romantic beach getaway idea for couples.

What is the best place to stay in Greece?

If you are planning a romantic vacation to Greece, book the Atlantis Vip Suite which has a private pool and awesome views of the island. The hotel offers several luxury villas, including the tree-level Noah’s Villa with scenic ocean views and quick access to the private beach.

What are the best romantic getaways around the world?

Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the Galapagos Islands, where they can spot flamingos, tortoises, whale sharks, and more; foodie couples will love eating and drinking their way through Tuscany . Whatever your travel style, we have a trip for you. These are 50 of the most romantic getaways around the world.

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