What is the name of the library at Nyack College?

What is the name of the library at Nyack College?

Eastman Library
Eastman Library – Nyack College.

Why is Nyack College closing?

The Nyack campus was scheduled to close at the end of the 2018–2019 academic year, however delays in housing have pushed that out to September 2020. The college has multiple debts totaling in excess of $70 million, mainly stemming from the purchase of the Manhattan campus.

What Nyack ATS library resource would provide information about whether a journal is available in full text from a database?

Infotrac Newsstand
Infotrac Newsstand. A one-stop source to full-text newspapers, current news, and searchable archives.

What is the best tool to use to search for books e books and articles that are available to you from the Nyack libraries resources?

The best way to access TREN documents is to go to the library website (www.nyack.edu/library) and use the Library Resources drop-down, and choose “Databases A-Z”.

Who purchased Nyack College?

The yeshiva bought the 107-acre campus and two other properties from the Nyack College ownership in November for $45.5 million. The campus comes with a few dozen educational buildings, offices, and dormitories.

Does Nyack have dorms?

Welcome from the Nyack College Residence Life and Housing staff! We’re glad you’re here!

When an event happens we usually hear about it from?

When an event happens, we usually hear about it from news sources—broadcast, web, and print. More in-depth exploration and analysis of the event often comes from government studies and scholarly journal articles.

When searching in an electronic database which of the following operators broadens search results?

Boolean Operators
Using Boolean Operators Boolean Operators can be used to narrow or broaden your search results when you are searching an electronic database. The three Boolean Operators are AND, OR, and NOT. AND – Narrows a search by connecting two or more concepts.

Which library tool is used to find out what books a library has in its collection?

The catalogue
The catalogue is a searchable record of everything the library has purchased or licensed. It searches most of the library collection including books, theses, music recordings, scores, and journal titles but cannot search for journal articles.

How do you do a proper library search?

Start in the library catalog

  1. Do a few keyword searches in the library catalog.
  2. Once you find a relevant book, click on the Details link and look at the Subjects to find similar items.
  3. When you click on a subject, it will run a new search on that topic.

Has Nyack College been sold?

It’s a done deal: Inside sources report Nyack College has closed its sale to Yeshivath Viznitz D K Hal Torath Chaim Inc., a Hasidic congregation for $45.5 million on Friday. The closing took place within 24 hours of South Nyack’s vote to dissolve the 142-year-old government and become part of the Town of Orangetown.

Is Nyack College sold?

SOUTH NYACK – Nyack College can officially be sold to a Ramapo-based Hasidic Jewish congregation. A state Supreme Court judge in Manhattan has approved the $45.5 million sale of the 107-acre property with educational buildings, offices and dormitories to the Yeshiva of Viznitz D’Khal Torath Chaim in Ramapo.

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