What is the meaning of uc metc?

What is the meaning of uc metc?

– Maritime Education and Training Center
UC – Maritime Education and Training Center (METC) offers future seafarers thorough teaching and training complete with technological simulators while accredited with and abiding by international standards set by the DNV-ISO, Panama Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Liberian Maritime Authority.

How do I get my BS in Marine Transportation?

Requirements for taking this exam: An approved Sea-going Service: a) At least 12 months sea service onboard sea-going ship of 500 gross tonnages or more as Chief Mate. b) At least 36 months sea service onboard sea-going ship of 500 gross tonnages or more in the Operational Level.

In what year did the University of Cebu become a university?

UC is an educational institution in Cebu City, Philippines founded in 1964 by Atty….University of Cebu, Philippines.

Full name in the national language University of Cebu
Telephone (63) (32) 231-8617; (63)(32) 9176238552

What is the zip code of Cebu City?

Cebu City Postal ZIP Code: 6000

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Cebu City 6000 32
Compostela 6003 32
Consolacion 6001 32
Cordova 6017 32

Is there an entrance exam in UC?

University of the Cordilleras has successfully rolled out an online entrance exam for the first batch of regular and sandwich applicants of the 2022 academic year. This University of the Cordilleras Entrance Exam file is a reviewer for incoming freshmen students.

What strand do you use for sperm?

What strand is Culinary Arts? What track is Marine Transportation? If you want to become a seaman, take Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track.

Does Bsmt have board exam?

The Marine Deck Officers Board Exam, also known as the Marine Deck Officers Licensure Exams, is a board exam facilitated by the Board of Marine Deck Officers under the Professional Regulatory Commission to assess the competency of BS Marine Transportation graduates.

How many campus does University of Cebu have?

Currently, UC is cultivating more than 42,000 promising young minds while producing board topnotchers through its four campuses that are conveniently situated within different parts of Cebu.

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