What is the interest rate of FD in IOB?

What is the interest rate of FD in IOB?

IOB Domestic FD Interest Rates – Below Rs. 2 Crore

Tenure Interest rate for genral public (p.a.) Interest rate for senior citizens (p.a.)
180 days to 269 days 4.90% 5.40%
270 days to less than 1 year 4.90% 5.40%
1 year to less than 2 years 5.15% 5.65%
444 days 5.20% 5.70%

What is the interest of 1 lakh in IOB?

Indian Overseas Bank FD Returns Based on Investment Amount

Investment Amount For 3 years with interest of 5.2% For 5 years with interest of 5.2%
₹ 50,000 ₹64810 ₹64810
₹ 1 lakh ₹129620 ₹129620
₹ 2 lakh ₹259240 ₹259240
₹ 5 lakh ₹648101 ₹648101

What is special fixed deposit in IOB?

Special Fixed Deposit (M-Q) The deposit scheme targets pensioners and senior citizens and provides monthly or quarterly interest income. The minimum deposit amount is Rs. 3,000, and the tenure can range from six months up to 120 months. The monthly interest is payable at discounted rates.

Which bank gives Max interest on FD?

The highest FD rate among the popular banks in India is 6.25% p.a. which is given by YES Bank for tenures ranging from 5 years to 10 years for the general public. For senior citizens, the highest FD rate among popular banks in India is 6.50% given by Yes Bank for tenure ranging from 5 years and 10 years.

What is the interest for 1 lakh?

Monthly Payout

Investment amount Monthly interest Cumulative interest for 5 years
1 lakh Rs. 526 Rs. 37,009
5 lakh Rs.2,629 Rs. 185,043
10 lakh Rs.5,258 Rs.3,70,087
15 lakh Rs. 7,887 Rs.5,55,130

What is the minimum balance in IOB?

MINIMUM BALANCE It is Rs. 500 for non-cheque operated account and Rs. 1000 for cheque operated account in other branches. For pension accounts the minimum balance is Rs.

How can I get fixed deposit in IOB?

Stepwise Process to Apply for IOB Fixed Deposit Online

  1. Step 1: Log on to the IOB website and login to internet banking by providing username and password.
  2. Step 2: Go to ‘Deposit’ and click on ‘Open Deposit’ to open a new fd account.
  3. Step 3: This will allow the customer to go to the ‘Request for New Deposit’ page.

How can I get FD in IOB?

How to open Fixed Deposit Account in Indian Overseas Bank?

  1. (1) Personally Visit the Indian Overseas Bank Branch.
  2. (2) Fill up Fixed Deposit Account Opening Form (FD-AOF)
  3. (3) Fill up Fixed Deposit Tenure.
  4. (4) Attach Cheque for Fixed Deposit.
  5. (5) Attach Required (Mandatory) Documents with the Account Opening Form (AOF)

Can I get monthly interest on FD?

Can we get monthly interest on a fixed deposit? Yes, you can get monthly interest payouts if you choose ‘monthly’ in the payout mode dropdown. When you invest your money in FDs, you gain interest on your principal amount.

What is the interest of 5 lakh in SBI?

State Bank of India FD Returns Based on Investment Amount

Investment Amount For 3 years with interest of 5.45% For 5 years with interest of 5.5%
₹ 1 lakh ₹131243 ₹131570
₹ 2 lakh ₹262487 ₹263141
₹ 5 lakh ₹656217 ₹657852
₹ 10 lakh ₹1312434 ₹1315704

How to calculate the interest rate on a fixed deposit?

With an interest rate higher than Fixed Deposits (FD), the PPF has a number of benefits for the common man. Currently, PPF interest rate is at 7.1 per cent and it is calculated on a monthly-basis but compounded annually. Here are the other advantages

Which bank has the highest interest rate for fixed deposit?

New Delhi: Fixed Deposits (FD) have always been a go-to for the common man in India. FD rates in India are among the highest and safest interest rates in the country. In the last few months, several banks have upgraded their fixed deposit plans.

Which bank is best for fixed deposit?

State Bank of India – SBI offers tax-saving fixed deposits with a lock-in period of 5 years.

  • ICICI Bank – You can opt for a fixed deposit which pays interest on monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Axis Bank – The bank offers fixed deposits under reinvestment or quarterly compounding basis.
  • What are interest rates of fixed deposit?

    The increased interest rates will apply to new deposits as well as those that are about to mature. SBI has kept the interest rates on FDs under ₹ 2 crore unchanged.

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