What is the Fees of Sophia college Mumbai?

What is the Fees of Sophia college Mumbai?

Sophia College for Women, Mumbai Fees & Eligibility

Course Fees Eligibility
B.Sc ₹47,340 (Total Fees) 10+2
BA ₹40,140 (Total Fees) 10+2
B.M.M ₹1.61 Lakhs (Total Fees) 10+2

Is Sophia College Mumbai Good?

Sophia college has excellent teaching faculty, who have immense knowledge in their area of expertise. The curriculum is rigorous but at the same time is enjoyable. There are frequent seminars and talks by eminent and well accomplished individuals.

Is Sophia College a girls college?

SOPHIA COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) FOR WOMEN is a grant-in-aid, primarily undergraduate institution, affiliated to the UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI.

Does Sophia college have Fashion Designing?

Dress Designing & Garment Manufacturing An intensive three-year Diploma Course affiliated to the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, it covers virtually the entire gamut of the fashion industry – Garment making, Fashion illustration, Fashion Merchandising, Color Theory, Generic Skills and many more.

Does Sophia College have a hostel?

Sophia College (autonomous) offers efficient, well-managed and clean hostel accommodation to about a hundred and five out-of-town students. The hostel is located on the first floor of the main building and the topmost floor of the rear extension.

Does Sophia offer psychology?

Psychology is one of the most popular subjects at degree level and to enhance the learning experience at Sophia’s, regular lectures and interactive discussions are supplemented with guest lectures, power point presentations, films and documentaries, field visits and placements, student presentations, mini research …

Is it hard to get in Sophia College Mumbai?

The admission process in Sophia college is very smooth, after applying for the college from Mumbai university cite if our name appears in the merit list we can go with the needful certificates and get admission.

Where is Sophia College India?

Mumbai , Maharashtra
Sophia College for Women

Motto Urdhva Mula
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Academic affiliation Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Principal Dr. Ananda Amritmahal
Location Mumbai , Maharashtra , India 18°58′11″N 72°48′26″ECoordinates: 18°58′11″N 72°48′26″E

Is Sophia college co ed?

Sophia Polytechnic is a further education college in Mumbai, India. It is predominantly a women’s polytechnic, but male students are admitted to the courses of the Hospitality Studies (HAFT) Department as well as in the Social Communications Media (SCM) course.

Is Sophia college good for BMM?

A good college for BMM with amazing faculty and well maintained infrastructure.

Is Sophia college good for BA?

The student ratio is higher than other girls’ colleges because it only focuses on the studies. The teaching method is very good and the qualifications are great because BA is based on literature.

Does Sophia College have science?

Sophia Junior College was started in 1977. We offer two broad streams of study: Arts and Science, at the Higher Secondary stage of education i.e. Standard XI (i.e. First Year Junior College) and Standard XII (i.e. Second Year Junior College).

How is Sophia College for women in Mumbai?

The college offers undergraduate courses for female students. The college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Sophia College For Women received the autonomy status in July 2018 from the University Grants Commission. In the year 2015, NAAC reaccredited the college with ‘A’ grade by awarding a score of 3.70 out of 4.

When was the Bachelor of mass media introduced in Sophia College Mumbai?

Later in 2003, the Bachelor of Mass Media was introduced. In July 2018, the University Grants Commission (UGC) granted autonomy to Sophia College for Women. Sophia Polytechnic is a further education college in Mumbai, India.

What is the future of Sophia College?

Thus, Sophia College (autonomous) has an exciting future and is committed to excellence and integrity. Under Article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India, the college is primarily for Christian minority students, but it admits everyone without discrimination, on the basis of merit and other legal provisions.

Why Sophia Polytechnic for women’s education?

From its inception in 1970, Sophia Polytechnic has been committed to women’s education, which is perceived to be the means for both personal and societal transformation. It stands for an education that is holistic and which provides for all-round growth.

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