What is the difference between Malarkey legacy and Vista?

What is the difference between Malarkey legacy and Vista?

The Vista uses approximately 90 shingles per square and the Legacy uses 120 shingles per square. In other words, the vista uses three “bundles” of roofing to make up a square. The Legacy, however, uses four “bundles” of roofing material.

Is Malarkey legacy a Class 4 shingle?

Legacy™ shingles are Class 4 rated for impact (highest rating possible), and meet IBHS’s stringent FORTIFIED™ Roof requirements.

What color is a weathered wood shingle?

deep brown
The natural beauty of Weathered Wood will always be in style. A base of deep brown is accented with hints of earthy clay, and lighter brown to create a look that is strong, rustic and cozy.

How much are malarkey legacy shingles?

$150 per square
Cost of Malarkey Shingles They often compare most with CertainTeed shingles, which are some of the most expensive shingles available. For comparison, IKO’s popular Cambridge shingles can cost up to $60 per square, and Malarkey’s Legacy shingles can cost up to $150 per square.

Is Malarkey better than GAF?

Malarkey manufactures top-quality shingles that are better than GAF and Owens Corning. The company focuses on quality, not quantity, so they are not as well-known as CertainTeed and GAF. Theirroofing warranties are above average compared with those of other brands.

How long do Malarkey legacy shingles last?

Roofers as well as building inspectors report that many Malarkey roofs they have seen last well over 30 years and look very good. This is an incredibly long service life compared to other asphalt roofs.

Is Malarkey A good shingle?

What are malarkey shingles made of?

Unlike standard shingles which prematurely become brittle, crack, and lose granules, Malarkey shingles are made of Rubberized Asphalt for superior all-weather resilience, Upcycled Rubber & Plastics to reduce landfill waste, and Smog-Reducing Granules that help clean the air.

Is Owens Corning better than malarkey?

Is weathered wood shingles brown or gray?

From a distance you can see that weathered wood isn’t a solid brown color. Instead, it’s a color-blended shingle. It’s base is a deep brown but it’s accented with deep red and lighter brown shades.

What is Malarkey approximate trees?

Approximate trees ‘planted’ by Malarkey to help clean the air of emission pollutants by integrating smog-reducing granules atop our shingles. Find the right shingle color and see how it looks on a roof, including your own. A new roof is more than just new shingles.

Are any of Malarkey’s products being discontinued?

You will notice that a few products have been discontinued in recent years: 3 tab Alaskan shingles, as well as Windsor Ecoasis designer shingles. Here is a more detailed Shingles Prices Guide from top asphalt roofing manufacturers. Malarkey roofing offers a wide range of shingle products at different price points.

What is the difference between Malarkey legacy and legacy XL?

Malarkey Legacy Shingles are comparable in quality in price to top shingles, such as CertainTeed Landmark and GAF Timberline. The Legacy XL shingle is made from the same materials and has the same benefits as the classic Legacy, with the added bonus of having a higher profile.

Why choose Malarkey roofing?

Malarkey roofing products are simply the best!.” “Malarkey is literally the leader in the ‘rubberized’ shingle.” “The addition of SBS rubber polymers to asphalt shingles was an absolute game-changer!

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