What is the difference between intensional and extensional meaning?

What is the difference between intensional and extensional meaning?

intension and extension, in logic, correlative words that indicate the reference of a term or concept: “intension” indicates the internal content of a term or concept that constitutes its formal definition; and “extension” indicates its range of applicability by naming the particular objects that it denotes.

What is an example of an extensional definition?

For example, an extensional definition of the term “nation of the world” might be given by listing all of the nations of the world, or by giving some other means of recognizing the members of the corresponding class.

What is the intensional meaning to words?

intensional definitionnoun. A definition that gives the meaning of a term by specifying all the properties of the things to which the term applies.

What is extensional theory?

In logic, extensionality, or extensional equality, refers to principles that judge objects to be equal if they have the same external properties. It stands in contrast to the concept of intensionality, which is concerned with whether the internal definitions of objects are the same.

Can a term have extensional meaning without having intensional meaning?

The properties or characteristics reveal the term’s connotation. Focusing on a term’s intensional definition allows us to talk meaningfully about things that don’t exist—empty classes. In other words, some terms have intensional meaning but no extensional meaning.

Which types of definitions are extensional definitions?

An extensional definition is one that identifies the members of the class it names by indicating instances of the thing being defined. It’s giving definitions by example. Let’s consider some examples: “That” (pointing to the cup on my desk) “is a cup.” In this example I name an instance of a larger set–“cups”.

What is the extensional world?

Extensional meaning. the meaning of a word or definition that defines the physical world. You can point to it. Intensional meaning. The meaning of a word suggested in ones head, the meaning we give to it.

What is the intensional of metals?

Metals are usually crystalline solids. In most cases, they have a relatively simple crystal structure distinguished by a close packing of atoms and a high degree of symmetry. Typically, the atoms of metals contain less than half the full complement of electrons in their outermost shell.

When constructing intensional definitions we should?

An informative definition should include the essential meaning of a term. 3. An informative definition should not be too broad nor too narrow. 4.

What does extensional mean in philosophy?

In philosophy of language, an extensional context (or transparent context) is a syntactic environment in which a sub-sentential expression e can be replaced by an expression with the same extension and without affecting the truth-value of the sentence as a whole.

What is the meaning of extensional?

Definition of extensional 1 : of, relating to, or marked by extension specifically : denotative. 2 : concerned with objective reality. Other Words from extensional Example Sentences Learn More About extensional.

What is intensional orientation?

The term intensional orientation (the “s” is intentional) refers to the tendency to view people, objects, and events in terms of how they’re talked about or labeled rather than in terms of how they actually exist.

Is there a simple intensional logic?

This is not simple and probably no proposed logic has been entirely successful. A relatively simple intensional logic that can be used to illustrate several major points will be discussed in some detail, difficulties will be pointed out, and pointers to other, more complex, approaches will be given. 2. A Brief History

What role does intension play in first-order logic?

In classical first-order logic intension plays no role. It is extensional by design since primarily it evolved to model the reasoning needed in mathematics. Formalizing aspects of natural language or everyday reasoning needs something richer.

What is the difference between intentional and extentional orientiation?

Intensional orientiation would be thinking first about popular labels. For example, you may think that anything labeled “i-YouPick” is a good product without knowing anything about the actual device. An extensional orientiation would look at the actual items or events, and then make your own decision or apply an appropriate label.

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