What is the default password for Polycom HDX 7000?

What is the default password for Polycom HDX 7000?

The default username is admin and the default password is the serial number of the HDX. If the default settings do not work then contact your system administrator.

How do I set up my Polycom camera?

Setup Instructions Plug Polycom Studio Camera power cord in an electrical outlet (Polycom Camera light above the camera illuminates). Connect to Zoom and begin a meeting. From Zoom window, click on the ^ next to the Stop Video from Zoom toolbar; Choose Polycom Studio Camera from “Select a Camera.”

How do I connect my Polycom mic to my laptop?

Connecting your SoundStation2 or SoundStation2W to your computer is easy: Simply connect the computer calling cable to the Applications Port on your Polycom conference phone at one end. Then, attach the other end to your computer’s microphone and speaker ports.

How do I connect my Polycom to my projector?

Take the HDMI/VGA from the laptop can connect that to the input of the Polycom. Then connect the output of the Polycom to the projector. Use the Polycom to change the layout mode for People, Content, or People + Content. (You should be able to do side by side on the Polycom instead of the projector.

How do I reset my Polycom admin password?

To restore phone to factory defaults with the Admin Password:

  1. Power cycle the phone.
  2. Press Cancel soft key during the boot process.
  3. During the countdown, press and hold the following dial pad keys simultaneously until the password prompt appears:
  4. Enter the administrator password to initiate the reset.
  5. Press OK.

How can I reset my Polycom phone without password?

Easy Polycom Factory Reset Without Password

  1. Click on the Home button.
  2. Scroll to the Settings (gear icon) and click on it.
  3. Go to Advanced.
  4. Enter the admin password (456 by default)
  5. Go to Administration Settings.
  6. Go to Reset to Defaults.
  7. Go to Reset To Factory.
  8. Say Yes when it asks Are you sure?

Can you use Polycom on laptop?

One way to connect is to plug into your laptop both the USB cable to Polycom Studio, and an HDMI or other display cable for the monitor. [Alternatively] your IT department may have a hub device in the room that allows you to plug in just one USB-C cable to connect to both Polycom Studio and the monitor.

How do I use Polycom on my laptop?

Does zoom work with Polycom?

Instantly Join Your Meetings Zoom and Polycom have partnered to provide a native integration for your Polycom Debut or Group Series Room Systems. With Polycom calendar integration you have a simplified workflow and amazing video, audio and screen sharing experience with one touch to start or join your Zoom meeting.

How do I connect my Polycom?

  1. Quick View. Turn your phone upside down and locate the connection ports.
  2. Connect the LAN Ethernet cable from the wall jack to the phone.
  3. Connect the. Ethernet cable. from the phone to the computer.
  4. Connect the handset cord to the phone jack port.

How do I integrate the SoundStation IP 7000 with Polycom HDX?

To integrate the SoundStation IP 7000 conference phone with the Polycom HDX system, complete the following steps: 1. Connect the phone to the local area network (LAN) using the supplied network cable. Refer to Connecting the Phone to the Network on page 5. 2. (Optional.)

How to set up the displayed phone number for Polycom HDX?

Before you use your phone with a Polycom HDX system, set up the phone number to be displayed on the phone. Configuring the Displayed Phone Number To set up phone number for the SoundStation IP 7000: 1. Press the Menukey, and then select Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > HDX Entension. When prompted, enter the administrati ve password.

Can I use HDX microphones with Polycom HDX system?

NotePolycom recommends that you connect HDX Microphones only in an SoundStation IP – HDX integration. Only one analog extension microphone can be connected to the phone. The other microphone connector on the phone must be available to connect to the Polycom HDX system. If you connect them to the Polycom HDX system, they will not function.

Can the SoundStation IP 7000 be used in an unsupported VoIP environment?

For information on using the SoundStation IP 7000 phone with a Polycom HDX system in an unsupported VoIP environment, refer to the User Guide for the SoundStation IP 7000 Phone Connected to a Polycom HDX System in Unsupported VoIP Environmentsand Setup Guide for the SoundStation IP 7000 Phone.

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