What is the creature from It Follows?

What is the creature from It Follows?

The Entity
The Entity, or It, is the name given to the otherwise unnamed main antagonist in the 2014 horror film, It Follows. It is a supernatural being that incessantly pursues its victims at a walking pace.

Who did the It Follows soundtrack?

Rich Vreeland
It Follows is a horror movie with a compelling score by Disasterpeace, aka Rich Vreeland, an electronic artist who’s best known for a series of video game soundtracks.

What happened at the end of It Follows?

Firing blindly into the pool, Paul manages to shoot the creature again in the head, and this time, it stays dead. The monster seemingly defeated, Jay and Paul go home and have sex. Then, in the final scene of the film, we see the two of them walking down the road together.

Is there a sequel to It Follows?

In 2015, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows released and immediately garnered impeccable responses from both fans and critics, yet never got a sequel and doesn’t really need one. It Follows took the horrors of the daily life of teenagers and transformed it into an inescapable haunting.

What is the shell in It Follows?

The shell phone is not a real thing. According to Mitchell (in the Yahoo interview), the sea shell smartphone/e-reader was made up for the movie to keep things feeling “like a dream or something outside of time”.

What was the meaning of It Follows?

In its most general form, this film is about something bad that teenagers pass from one to the other through sex. Some therefore see the story as a commentary on promiscuous teen sexuality in general while others drill down deeper to describe it as a metaphor for STDs.

Where was movie It Follows filmed?

Filmed in Detroit, It Follows debuted at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Written and directed by suburban Detroit native, David Robert Mitchell, this smart, original, and above all terrifying movie is the rare modern horror film that works on multiple levels and leaves a lingering sting.

Who did the music for Hyper Light Drifter?

Richard Vreeland (better known as Disasterpeace) was the one behind the now-iconic soundtrack, which soon became one of the most sought-after vinyls in the entire industry.

What happened to the pool in It Follows?

Kelly somehow manages to throw a sheet over the creature which allows Paul to shoot him in the head. The creature falls in the pool. As Jay tries to swim out of the pool, the creature grabs her and pulls underwater. Paul finally manages to shoot the creature in the head and it seems to be dead.

Did Jay sleep with Greg in It Follows?

She flees in Greg’s car, crashes into a cornfield and wakes up in a hospital with a broken arm. Greg has sex with Jay in the hospital, as he does not believe the entity exists. Days later, Jay sees the entity in the form of Greg walking towards Greg’s house, smashing a window at Greg’s house and entering.

What is the first creature Jay sees in It Follows?

At school, Jay sees an old woman in a hospital gown walking towards her, invisible to others. Jay’s sister, Kelly and her friends, Paul Bolduan and Yara Davis, agree to help and spend the night in Jay and Kelly’s house. That night, someone smashes the kitchen window; Paul investigates but sees no one.

What is the device the girl is reading in It Follows?

In fact, modern technology is mostly absent throughout the film except for this thing. It looks like a vintage makeup compact but seems to act like a smartphone-combo-e-reader — Yara even uses it later as a light source, the way you would a phone.

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