What is the charge of the selenate ion?

What is the charge of the selenate ion?

Selenate. Selenate is a polyanion made up of Se and oxygen. The Se ion has a charge of +6 and is bound to four oxygen ions, forming a polyanion with a net charge of (-2).

What is the formula of selenate ion?


PubChem CID 26473
Molecular Formula O4Se-2
Synonyms selenate SELENATE ION 14124-68-6 UNII-6X37R1DB70 6X37R1DB70 More…
Molecular Weight 142.97
Dates Modify 2022-03-26 Create 2004-09-16

What is the cation of the compound sodium selenate?

Disodium selenite is an inorganic sodium salt composed of sodium and selenite ions in a 2:1 ratio. It has a role as a nutraceutical. It is a selenite salt and an inorganic sodium salt.

What is the ion of selenium?

Selenium, ion(4+)

PubChem CID 104791
Molecular Formula Se+4
Synonyms Selenium, ion(4+) 22541-55-5
Molecular Weight 78.97
Dates Modify 2022-03-26 Create 2005-08-08

What is the net charge of ammonium?

Ammonium ion has a formal charge of +1 and amide anion has a formal charge of -1.

Is Silver selenate soluble?

Silver selenite

Melting point 530 °C (986 °F; 803 K)
Boiling point decomposes above 550 °C (1,022 °F; 823 K)
Solubility in water slightly soluble
Solubility soluble in acids

What is the name of s4n4?

Tetranitrogen tetrasulfide Tetrasulfur tetranitride
Tetranitrogen tetrasulfide

PubChem CID 141455
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula S4N4 or N4S4
Synonyms Tetranitrogen tetrasulfide Tetrasulfur tetranitride UNII-9BXS997HR6 9BXS997HR6 28950-34-7 More…
Molecular Weight 184.3

What is the formula for aluminum acetate?

Aluminum acetate

PubChem CID 8757
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula C6H9AlO6
Synonyms ALUMINUM ACETATE aluminum triacetate Domeboro 139-12-8 aluminium acetate More…
Molecular Weight 204.11

How do you make sodium selenate?

first proper selenium dioxide is dissolved into water to form selenious acid solution; 2. sodium hydroxide is added to adjust pH value to 7-14 to form sodium selenite; 3. hydrogen peroxide is added to fully oxidize the sodium selenite in the solution so as to form sodium selenate; 4.

Is sodium selenite an ionic compound?

Sodium selenite is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is Na2SeO3. It contains sodium and selenite ions.

What is the charge for as?

26, 2020, thoughtco.com/element-charges-chart-603986….Table of Common Element Charges.

Number Element Charge
30 zinc 2+
31 gallium 3+
32 germanium 4-, 2+, 4+
33 arsenic 3-, 3+, 5+

What ion has a charge of 2?

A magnesium atom must lose two electrons to have the same number electrons as an atom of the previous noble gas, neon. Thus, a magnesium atom will form a cation with two fewer electrons than protons and a charge of 2+. The symbol for the ion is Mg2+, and it is called a magnesium ion.

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