What is the bullet shaped building in Barcelona?

What is the bullet shaped building in Barcelona?

Torre Glòries
This new landmark on the Barcelona skyline was added in 2003: an enormous bullet-shaped cylinder emerging from the ground and pointing skywards, with a glass surface in which the colours of the Mediterranean are reflected. The Glòries Tower is one of the symbols of contemporary Barcelona.

Who designed Agbar?

Jean NouvelAgbar Tower / Architecture firmJean Nouvel is a French architect. Nouvel studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was a founding member of Mars 1976 and Syndicat de l’Architecture. Wikipedia

How tall is the Agbar Tower?

474′Agbar Tower / Height

The Agbar Tower measures 144.4 m (473 ft 9 in) in height and consists of 38 storeys, including four underground levels.

When was Agbar tower built?

1999Agbar Tower / Construction started

What is the name of the egg shaped building in London?

The Gherkin
What is The Gherkin? The Gherkin, otherwise known as 30 St Mary Axe, is one of the capital’s most famous buildings. It’s a feature of the London skyline and home to offices, a restaurant and a cocktail bar.

When was the Agbar tower built?

How much is the Gherkin worth?

London’s Gherkin skyscraper has been sold to investment giant the Safra Group in a deal reportedly worth £726m. BBC News spoke to a consultancy firm ahead of the sale to gauge how much the capital’s iconic skyline might now be worth.

Why is it called St Mary AXE?

Its common name (also St Mary [or Marie] at the Axe) derives from the sign of an axe over the east end of the church. The church’s patrons were the Skinners’ Company. According to John Stow in A Survey of London (1603), the name derived from “the signe of an Axe, over against the East end thereof”.

Is there sharks in Barcelona?

A shark scare has led to the closure of six beaches near the Spanish city of Barcelona, with people banned from swimming. Three small blue sharks, which were each between one and 1.5 metres long, were spotted by lifeguards close to shore, sparking the safety move by two local town halls.

Is Barcelona on the water?

The City of Barcelona is located on the West coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The population is about 1.650. 000 inhabitants. Around 7.5 million tourists visit the city every season.

Who sold the Gherkin?

Joseph Safra
The Gherkin, one of the most distinctive buildings on London’s skyline, has been bought by a Brazilian billionaire. Joseph Safra is reported to have paid more than £700m for the 180 metre tower, which is officially known as 30 St Mary Axe, its street address.

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