What is the book with no name about?

What is the book with no name about?

In Santa Mondega, an unnamed book brings violent death to anyone who reads it, a mysterious blue stone—the Eye of the Moon—has vanished, a total eclipse is about to cast the city into utter darkness, and in the shadowed streets lurks the serial killer known only as the Bourbon Kid.

Who are the characters in the book not from here?

OUR TWO CENTS: In We Are Not from Here (2020) Jenny Torres Sanchez tells the story of three Guatemalan teenagers Pulga, Chico, and Pequeña who, despite their loving families, are surrounded by danger in their pueblo, Puerto Barrios.

What is a nameless narrator?

One way to use this literary device is to have an anonymous narrator who plays no part in the story, but who merely acts as an observer telling the tale. Or, in a work that is based on allegory, an unnamed character can be identified by a number, letter, job, or common trait to symbolize a hidden meaning.

Who is the main character in the book Lost and Found?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Lost and Found is a children’s novel written by Andrew Clements, first published in 2008. It is about two boys, Ray and Jay Grayson, who are identical twins, and have always wondered what it is like to be a single person rather than “one of the Grayson twins”.

How many pages are in the book with no name?

280 pages
Sitting on these shelves was a book with no name, written by an anonymous author….Bibliographic information.

Title The Book with No Name
Author Anonymous
Publisher Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006
ISBN 1847280463, 9781847280466
Length 280 pages

Who wrote the Bourbon Kid books?

Bourbon Kid

The Book With No Name The Eye of the Moon The Devil’s Graveyard The Book of Death
Author Anonymous
Publisher Ten Speed Press (first printing), Michael O’Mara Books
Published 2000 – 2012
Media type Print

How old are the characters in We are not from here?

We Are Not from Here is a Pura Belpre Honor Book (2021). This guide references the 2020 edition by Philomel Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Pulga, a 15-year-old boy, was born and raised in the town of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. He has two very close friends: Chico, 13, and Pequeña, 17.

Is Lan a boy or girl in were not from here?

We’re Not From Here looks like other silly science fiction tales, but choices were made throughout that kept catching my interest. For example, the main character, Lan, is never defined as being either a boy or a girl. It’s not something I actually noticed on a first read.

What do you call an unnamed character?

When a character genuinely has no name whatsoever (as opposed to it not being given in the work), then they are The Nameless. If the character’s parents never named them, then they were Never Given a Name. When a character is literally given the name “Nobody”, then they are Somebody Named “Nobody”.

How do you refer to a character with no name?

If you want the reader to remain unaware that the character has no name or don’t want the reader wondering about why the character has no name (because you want the reason hidden), then simply tell the story from the first person perspective (people don’t think of themselves by name, but by pronoun, so you don’t have …

What is the moral of the story lost and found?

The goal of this book is to incorporate and teach moral values through short reads. And in it, you will learn about: ♥ Story 1: Honesty. This is the most basic moral value that everyone should live by.

Where does the Book of Lost Names take place?

As a graduate student in 1942, Eva was forced to flee Paris after the arrest of her father, a Polish Jew. Finding refuge in a small mountain town in the Free Zone, she begins forging identity documents for Jewish children fleeing to neutral Switzerland.

What is the book with no name?

The Book with No Name is best described as a Quintin Tarantino styled tongue-in-cheek, all-action horror onslaught, with vampires, hitmen, monks, cops, local gangs, and a serial killer called the Bourdon Kid. It should be chaos, it should be unmanageable, it shouldn’t work, but it does.

What are some characters that have no names?

Here are some very memorable characters with no “names”: The Doctorfrom Doctor Who The cigarette smoking manfrom X-files Everyonein Twelve Angry Men The Time Travellerfrom The Time Machineby H.G. Wells

What is the setting of the book with no name?

THE BOOK WITH NO NAME is set in a city called San Mondega, which for all the world is like `Sin City`for those that have seen the movie. The story centers around an object of great importance; `The Eye of the Moon`, which is supposed to have magical powers.

Who are some famous characters in up?

Up Characters. Characters who appear in Up . Trending pages. Ellie Fredricksen. Carl Fredricksen. Russell. Dug. Kevin. Charles F. Muntz.

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