What is the best dictation app that is free?

What is the best dictation app that is free?

The best dictation software

  • Apple Dictation for a free app for Apple devices.
  • Windows 10 Speech Recognition for a free app for Windows users.
  • Dragon by Nuance for a customizable dictation app.
  • Google Docs voice typing for dictating in Google Docs.
  • Gboard for a free mobile dictation app.
  • SpeechTexter for occasional use.

Is Microsoft dictate free?

While Windows Speech Recognition has been around for years, Microsoft recently introduced a free, experimental dictation plug-in for Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, called Dictate. Follow that link to download it, and then relaunch Microsoft Word. Now, you should see a new Dictation tab on the ribbon menu.

Is there an app that converts voice recording to text free?

Rev offers a free voice recorder & audio recorder that will record & create audio files that you can transcribe directly from your phone. Use your phone’s microphone or plug an external mic into your phone and hit record. The Voice Recorder app will organize your files and send directly to Rev for transcription.

What is the most accurate speech to text app?

Best paid for speech to text apps

  1. Dragon Anywhere. Best mobile speech-to-text app.
  2. Dragon Professional. Business-grade speech-to-text solution.
  3. Otter. The big little speech to text app.
  4. Verbit. The smart speech to text service.
  5. Speechmatics.
  6. Braina Pro.
  7. Amazon Transcribe.
  8. Microsoft Azure Speech to Text.

Is Dragon Dictation free?

You can download Dragon Dictation app for iPhone or Android absolutely free or charge. Open the Dragon Dictation app. Set the Region you are in. It is required to precise the language of recognition.

Is Dragon anywhere free?

Dragon Anywhere, available on Android and iOS Cancel anytime. $15/mo subscription begins at end of trial. Billed every month.

Is Dragon dictate free?

Is Dragon Anywhere free?

Is Dragon Dictation any good?

Updated: January 6, 2022 . Reading Time: 11 minutes….Dragon Software Review – Pros and Cons.

Pros Cons
Excellent voice recognition and accuracy Expensive
Adaptable deep learning technology Limited choice in languages
3x faster voice to text conversion
Wireless dictation via iOS and Android apps

How can I get Dragon Dictation for free?

You can download Dragon Dictation app for iPhone or Android absolutely free or charge.

  1. Open the Dragon Dictation app.
  2. Set the Region you are in.
  3. Choose the Tap and Dictate button and begin to dictate.
  4. When you are through, tap the Stop button.
  5. Now you can copy the text to carry it over to any other app.

How do I get Microsoft Dictate?

Open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other program, and hold down the Win key and press H to open a dictation toolbar at the top of the screen. You can then begin dictating. You can dictate punctuation and specific actions for moving around the screen.

What is the best dictation tool?


  • Window’s Speech Recognition (WSR): Window’s Speech Recognition (WSR) is a good software for speech recognition,especially because it is specifically designed to work with Windows,and works best in its
  • Speechnotes.
  • e-Speaking.
  • Microsoft Dictate.
  • Braina.
  • Google Docs Voice Typing.
  • Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions.
  • Gboard.
  • What is the best free text to speech software?

    Best Free Text-to-Speech Software. Its website may not look like much but Balabolka is one of the best in the business, especially if you’re a developer looking for a free solution. It’s available as a download that you install on your computer and supports various file formats including HTML, PDF, and DOC.

    Which is best dictation software for writers?

    Nuance Dragon Home (v15)

  • Google Docs voice typing
  • Apple dictation
  • Otter.ai
  • Braina
  • What is the best free speech to text software?


  • Google Docs Voice Typing.
  • Apple Dictation.
  • Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions.
  • Winscribe.
  • Speechnotes.
  • e-Speaking.
  • Gboard.
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