What is PNP decoration?

What is PNP decoration?

PNP Decoration is an award conferred on a restricted individual basis in recognition of and as a reward of heroic, extraordinary, outstanding, and meritorious acts, achievements, and services.

What is the highest award given to a police officer?

Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor
Every day, public safety officers risk their lives to protect America’s citizens and communities. To honor that commitment, Congress passed the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act of 2001, which created the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, the highest national award for valor by a public safety officer.

Who are the person behind the Napolcom?

Commission Proper The NAPOLCOM as a collegial body is composed of an ex-officio Chairperson, four (4) regular Commissioners, and the Chief, PNP as ex-officio member, one of whom is appointed by the President as the Vice-Chairperson.

Is a courage that is clearly distinguished above others in the performance of one’s duty?

Eminently – high in merit characterized by a high degree of performance of one’s duty. f. Heroism – specific acts of bravery or outstanding courage or a closely related series of heroic acts performed within a short period of time.

What is PNP badge of honor?

The PNP Badge of Honor was created to instill in the heart of all uniformed personnel the honor and pride that comes with the wearing of the police badge and to remind them of their primary duties that is to serve and protect the people with zealousness and to uphold the law at all times.

What is PNP attrition?

Attrition by Relief . — A PNP uniformed personnel who has been relieved for just cause and has not been given an assignment within two (2) years after such relief shall be retired or separated.

Do police get medals?

Acts of gallantry in the police service normally now attract the George Cross, George Medal, Queen’s Gallantry Medal or the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery. Over time, many Commonwealth countries have created their own police medals, replacing the issue of the QPM to police in those countries.

What are the authorized decorations of the PNP?

Persons Authorized to grant an Award or Decoration: The Medalya ng Katapangan, Medalya ng Katangitanging Gawa, Medalya ng Pambihirang Paglilingkod and Tsapa sa Natatanging yunit shall be awarded by the Chief, Philippine National Police.

What is the retirement age for PNP?

Members of the AFP, PNP, PCG, BFP and BjMP, currently have a retirement age of fifty-six (56), which sets them apart from civilian government employees who are compulsorily retired at age sixty-five (65).

What agency is under PNP?

the National Police Commission
Pursuant to Republic Act No. 6975 as amended by Republic Act No. 8551, The PNP in under the administrative control and operational supervision of the National Police Commission. Meanwhile, the NAPOLCOM is an attached agency of the Department of the Interior and Local Government for policy and program coordination.

Can I use PNP logo?

The use of PNP uniforms, insignias and other accoutrements by person who is not a member of the uniformed Philippine National Police personnel is also prohibited.

What is the motto of PNP?

The Philippine National Police (Filipino: Pambansang Pulisya ng Pilipinas, acronymed as PNP) is the armed national police force in the Philippines….Philippine National Police.

Philippine National Police Pambansang Pulisya ng Pilipinas
Abbreviation PNP
Motto To Serve and Protect. Service, Honor, Justice.
Agency overview

What is the PNP Medal of Valor?

The Medalya ng Kagitingan (PNP Medal of Valor) The Medalya ng Kagitingan or the PNP Medal of Valor is the highest award of the Philippine National Police.

What are the awards and decorations of the Philippine National Police?

The awards and decorations of the PNP are patterned after the Orders and Medals of the AFP with regard to its lineage from the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police which were fore-runners of this service branch and previously under the AFP.

What is the abbreviation for PNP Efficiency Medal?

X. Medalya ng Kasanayan (PNP Efficiency Medal) Medalya ng Kasanayan is awarded to members of the Philippine National Police for eminently meritorious and invaluable service to merit recognition by the service as exceptional.

What is the length of the PNP Distinguished Service Medal?

The bar is suspended from a neck band of red silk moire 13/8 inches in width and 20 inches in length with a green line at the center and 5/16 inch wide. The service ribbon for this award shall bear the PNP seal placed at the center within the green band of the ribbon. III. Medalya ng Katapatan sa Paglilingkod(PNP Distinguished Service Medal)

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