What is Ping G30 LS TEC?

What is Ping G30 LS TEC?

The G30 LS Tec comes in 9º and 10.5º and like the standard model features Ping’s Trajectory Tuning Plus hosel so players can now choose from five loft settings of -1.0°, -0.6°, standard, +0.6° and +1.0° giving players a full 2° of adjustability. The LS Tec driver comes with a choice of 3 shafts.

What is SF Tec on Ping driver?

Straight Flight
It’s called the Ping G30 SF Tec with the SF standing for Straight Flight. This is essentially the same club but the weight on the sole is move towards the heel of the club to slow it down and allow the toe to overtake it and create a little draw spin to straighten out all those fades most amateurs hit.

How old is the Ping G30 driver?

The Ping G30 is going to be golf’s straightest driver when it’s released in late July (No. 2), at least until the other OEMs start to roll out their 2015 models this fall. And history tells us that it will probably continue to be golf’s most forgiving driver until Ping makes something even more forgiving.

When was the Ping G driver made?

Right from the start of the G driver franchise in 2004, Ping has had a top selling product on its hands and with good reason. When they combined a forgiving performance head within a good looking package then it’s going to work.

Is Ping G30 driver forgiving?

In addition to more speed and adjustability, the G30 is also more forgiving than the G25. Because of the new lighter face material that PING is using on the G30, they were able to create a higher MOI which means more stability. Translation: when you miss the sweet spot, the ball will still go straight.

Is the Ping G30 driver good for high handicappers?

A common miss with a driver for a right-handed high handicapper is to the right (or to the left for a lefty). To help with this, a driver with draw bias is the key. A top contender in this category is the Ping G30 SF Tec driver. The G30 series is regarded as one of the most forgiving drivers on the market.

Is Ping GA good driver?

In short, yes. Ping make some of the best drivers on the market and are one of the leading brands alongside the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra and Wilson.

Is Ping G driver forgiving?

The new G driver is also more forgiving thanks to Dragonfly Technology. By shaving eight grams from the crown, PING has raised the MOI to make the G driver more stable on off-center hits. Again, it’s not a huge difference – the G30 was already extremely forgiving – but it is better.

Are Ping’s g/g30 and G LS TEC drivers the same?

The two testers hit the drivers in the same loft (9 degrees in both the G/G30 and G LS Tec/G30 LS Tec, 10 degrees in the G SF Tec/G30 SF Tec) and with the same shaft (Ping’s Tour 65X at 45.25 inches with no tipping), and the outdoor test employed premium balls and Trackman’s normalization feature.

What is the difference between a G and G30 driver?

That being said, it’s clear from our testing data that the G and G30 drivers are quite similar, although the G drivers do appear to have an edge in both club head speed (+1. 43 mph) and ball speed (+0. 71 mph) on average across the three models. The G drivers also proved to be slightly higher-launching.

What are the ridges on a G30 driver called?

The first thing golfers will notice when they pick up a G30 driver is that its crown has six small ridges that the company calls “turbulators.”

Do Ping G30S have high-friction face finishes?

In the G30 line, only the G30 LS Tec used a high-friction face finish. The G drivers employ more traditional, pear-shaped club heads made possible by an eye-catching change to the geometry of their crowns. Ping calls it “Dragonfly Technology,” and it occupies the space behind the company’s “Turbulators,” which were introduced with the G30 driver.

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