What is Peggy Fleming doing today?

What is Peggy Fleming doing today?

In the time since retiring as a professional skater, Fleming has taken on new endeavors and become a grandparent along with her longtime husband, Greg Jenkins.

How many children did Peggy Fleming have?

Quick Facts about Peggy Fleming

Full Name Peggy Gale Fleming
Husband Greg Jenkins
Kids Two; Andy and Todd Jenkins
Net Worth $8 million
Social Media None

What is Peggy Fleming known for?

Known for her beauty and grace on and off the ice, Peggy Fleming dominated women’s figure skating from 1966 to 1968, capping her career with her triumph at the 1968 Olympic Winter Games. At 19, Fleming was the only American to take home gold from Grenoble, France.

What does Dorothy Hamill daughter do?

Alexandra ForsytheDorothy Hamill / Daughter

What happened Dorothy Hamill?

Today, Dorothy Hamill lives in Vail, Colorado and Indian Wells, California, with her husband, business executive John MacColl. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and has made it her mission to empower other women by helping to launch a national campaign called BeWisER+ About Breast Cancer.

Did Peggy Fleming do a triple?

She is the 1968 Olympic Champion in Ladies’ singles and a three-time World Champion (1966–1968). Fleming has been a television commentator in figure skating for over 20 years, including several Winter Olympic Games….

Peggy Fleming
Retired 1968

Is Peggy Fleming alive?

They currently reside in Denver, Colorado. Peggy Fleming was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. The cancer was detected in its early stages, and surgery was successful. She became a breast cancer activist who recommends not procrastinating and advocates for early detection.

Who was married to Dorothy Hamill?

John MacCollm. 2009
Kenneth Forsythem. 1987–1995Dean Paul Martinm. 1982–1984
Dorothy Hamill/Spouse

Who did Dorothy Hamill married?

Did Dorothy Hamill ever marry?

PAIN OFF THE ICE She married Kenneth Forsythe in 1987 and had a daughter, Alexandra, but they divorced 8 years later. Hamill said she assumed she was down because she was unhappy and overworked and it was only 14 years ago that she realized depression ran in her family and she was diagnosed.

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