What is Paco de Lucia famous for?

What is Paco de Lucía famous for?

In 2004, Paco de Lucia was awarded Spain’s prestigious Asturias Prize for Art as the “most universal of flamenco artists”. The jury said at the time: “His style has been a beacon for young generations and his art has made him into one of the best ambassadors of Spanish culture in the world.”

What does entre dos aguas?

The title Entre dos aguas – or “between two waters” – refers to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, which meet before Paco de Lucía’s coastal home town of Algeciras.

Is Paco de Lucía still alive?

February 25, 2014Paco de Lucía / Date of death

Who was Paco?

According to folk etymology, the nickname has its origins in Saint Francis of Assisi, who was the father of the Franciscan order; his name was written in Latin by the order as Pater Communitatis (father of the community); hence “Paco” was supposedly obtained by taking the first syllable of each word.

Where is flamenco from in Spain?

flamenco, form of song, dance, and instrumental (mostly guitar) music commonly associated with the Andalusian Roma (Gypsies) of southern Spain. (There, the Roma people are called Gitanos.)

Was Paco de Lucía A Gitano?

Paco de Lucia was not himself Gitano, but he was extremely influenced by Gitano flamenco and became a musical giant along the way.

When was entre dos aguas written?

Entre dos aguas (song)

Entre dos aguas
by Paco de Lucía
Paco de Lucía around the year he composed Entre dos aguas
Genre Flamenco
Published 1973

Who wrote entre dos aguas?

Paco de Lucía
José Torregrosa
Entre Dos Aguas (Rumba)/Composers

What is the nickname for Francisco?

In Spanish Latin America and in the Philippines, people with the name Francisco are frequently called “Pancho”. “Kiko” is also used as a nickname, and “Chicho” is another possibility. In Portuguese, people named Francisco are commonly nicknamed “Chico” (shíco).

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