What is HPV Hybrid Capture?

What is HPV Hybrid Capture?

The HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test using Hybrid Capture®2 (HC2) technology is a nucleic acid hybridization assay with signal amplification using microplate chemiluminescence for the qualitative detection of thirteen high-risk types of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in cervical specimens.

What does it mean when HPV DNA is positive?

Positive HPV test. A positive test result means that you have a type of high-risk HPV that’s linked to cervical cancer. It doesn’t mean that you have cervical cancer now, but it’s a warning sign that cervical cancer could develop in the future.

How accurate is HPV DNA test?

At an estimated specificity of 95% (i.e., when the HPV DNA prevalence was 5% in women at low risk for having cervical disease), either test could achieve estimated sensitivities of 57%.

What does cervical high-risk HPV DNA test positive mean?

Positive/Abnormal. High-risk HPV was found. It does not mean you have cancer. It means you may be at higher risk for getting cervical cancer in the future. Your health care provider may order more tests to monitor and/or diagnose your condition.

What is the principle of hybrid capture system?

Principle. Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) technology detects RNA–DNA hybrids using signal-amplified, chemiluminescent technology. Hybrid Capture 2 delivers the accuracy and flexibility necessary for routine detection of DNA that can assist in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Which HPV gene is targeted by the RNA probes used in the hybrid capture assay?

25 Most HPV assays target the L1 region for classifica- tion of HPV genotypes, although the E1 gene is also used. The major diagnostic techniques for HPV detection and genotyping are target amplification, signal amplification, and probe amplification.

Will I always test positive for HPV?

“Often, we cannot detect when you were exposed to HPV,” explains Dr. Sarraf. And there’s no approved HPV screening test for men. Some women are HPV positive for years without knowing it because they don’t have any symptoms and doctors only began regularly testing women over 30 for HPV about five years ago.

How well does hybrid capture 2 detect high-risk HPV DNA?

Results: Hybrid Capture 2 detected high-risk HPV DNA in 68.8% of ThinPrep and 66.7% of SurePath-collected specimens (P = .37). Detection rates for CIN2+ and CIN3+ were also comparable between ThinPrep (21.4%, 3.1%) and SurePath (15.4%, 4.2%) using Hybrid Capture 2 (P = .06, P = .45).

What is the HC2 test for human papillomavirus (HPV)?

A second-generation commercial HPV test, the Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) assay, was introduced as a ready-to-use test for routine diagnostics and includes negative controls and positive controls (PCs). The performance characteristics of PCR and the HC2 assay for testing for HPV have been compared, and the results have varied (2, 10, 14]

Does the hybrid capture 2 assay compare with PCR for cervical lesions?

The present study compared the performance of the Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) assay with that of PCR for the detection of significant cervical lesions in 1,511 women with different risks for HPV infections in three New Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

Can SurePath pap collection be used for hybrid capture 2 HPV DNA testing?

Although SurePath Pap collection has been used for Hybrid Capture 2 HPV DNA testing, clinical validation of this method has been scarce.

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