What is Flyway baseline on migrate?

What is Flyway baseline on migrate?

Baseline is for introducing Flyway to existing databases by baselining them at a specific version. This will cause Migrate to ignore all migrations up to and including the baseline version. Newer migrations will then be applied as usual.

Are Flyway migrations transactional?

Transactions. By default, Flyway always wraps the execution of an entire migration within a single transaction. Alternatively you can also configure Flyway to wrap the entire execution of all migrations of a single migration run within a single transaction by setting the group property to true .

Which is better Flyway or Liquibase?

While both tools are based on Martin Fowler’s Evolutionary Database, there are many differences in what these tools offer. Here’s where Liquibase and Flyway differ. The bottom line is that Liquibase is more powerful and flexible — covering more database change and deployment use cases than Flyway.

How do I move an existing database to the Flyway?

These are the steps to follow to successfully integrate Flyway into a project with existing databases.

  1. Prerequisites.
  2. Extract the DDL and reference data from production.
  3. Clean all databases containing data you don’t mind losing.
  4. Align the databases not cleaned with production.
  5. Done!

How do I disable Flyway?

5. Disabling Flyway in Spring Boot

  1. 5.1. Spring Boot 1.x. All we need to do is set the flyway.enabled property in our application-test.properties file: flyway.enabled=false.
  2. 5.2. Spring Boot 2.x.
  3. 5.3. Empty FlywayMigrationStrategy.

What is Flyway validate?

Validate helps you verify that the migrations applied to the database match the ones available locally. This is very useful to detect accidental changes that may prevent you from reliably recreating the schema. Validate works by storing a checksum (CRC32 for SQL migrations) when a migration is executed.

How do you skip Flyway migration?

1) Run flywayMigrate, let the migration fail. 2) Manually, update the flyway meta table(success column) for that specific version of migration. 3) Run flywayMigrate again. 4) Done, flyway will now start with the next version of migration.

How do I test Flyway migrations?


  1. take a backup and create a Spawn data image from it.
  2. spin up a database from that data image in a CI pipeline.
  3. automate running flyway migrate to test latest migrations against a copy of production.
  4. automate scheduling image creation so tests are always run against the latest database.

Can Flyway migrate data?

Flyway updates a database from one version to the next using migrations. We can write migrations either in SQL with database-specific syntax, or in Java for advanced database transformations.

How do I test Flyway migration?

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