What is CityBus?

What is CityBus?

Welcome to CityBus! – Greater Lafayette’s #1 Public Transportation Service Where’s the Bus? Where’s the Bus? Find out how long you’ll wait before the bus is at your stop. Get the information in the way that you like best!

What is City Bus Simulator?

City Bus Simulator is a cool driving game in which you control one of those big public transportation vehicles around a city collecting passengers and yu can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Try to pass through each and every stop and let people hop in your bus.

Where can I find Citybus bus stops and routes?

All CityBus bus stop locations and routes are available on Google Transit/Maps. You can plan a bus trip just as you would a driving trip using Google. Enter your trip information in the trip planner (or at maps.google.com; select the bus icon as the mode of transportation).

How do I use mycitybus?

The service is available for use by the general public; regular fare applies. For real-time bus location information, visit the MyCityBus desktop application or download the mobile app and select your route. Please arrive at the stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

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