What is cantata singer?

What is cantata singer?

Founded in 1964, Cantata Singers is a Boston-based chorus and orchestra whose roots lie in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Is a cantata a song?

cantata, (from Italian cantare, “to sing”), originally, a musical composition intended to be sung, as opposed to a sonata, a composition played instrumentally; now, loosely, any work for voices and instruments.

Is cantata a classical music?

Classical and romantic period The term “cantata” came to be applied almost exclusively to choral works, as distinguished from solo vocal music.

Where is the Monteverdi Choir from?

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge
The Monteverdi Choir was founded in 1964 by Sir John Eliot Gardiner for a performance of the Vespro della Beata Vergine in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge.

What did Bach call his cantatas?

The cantatas composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, known as Bach cantatas (German: Bachkantaten), are a body of work consisting of over 200 surviving independent works, and at least several dozen that are considered lost.

What period is cantata?

the baroque era
A cantata is a work for voice or voices and instruments of the baroque era. From its beginnings in 17th-century Italy, both secular and religious cantatas were written.

What is it called when you sing without instruments?

Definition of a cappella : without instrumental accompaniment The choir sang the chants a cappella.

What is the difference between cantata and sonata?

What’s the difference between cantata and sonata? Hence cantata (sung), as opposed to ‘sonata’ – ie played – to indicate any kind of vocal composition more ambitious than a simple song that wasn’t an opera, or a mass or any other specific liturgical composition.

Who founded Monteverdi Choir?

John Eliot Gardiner
Founded by John Eliot Gardiner as part of the breakaway period instrument movement of the 1960s, the Monteverdi Choir has always focused on bringing a new perspective to its repertoire.

Is the Monteverdi Choir professional?

Alongside our performance and project work, The Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras (MCO) is committed to providing opportunities for professional development and education: we believe passionately in nurturing future generations of players and singers and developing emerging talent.

Why did Bach write so many sacred cantatas?

Why did J. S. Bach write so many cantatas? Because of his position in Leipzig, the responsibilities of which included writing music for each week of the church year.

When did Monteverdi write the Vespers of the Blessed Virgin?

After Monteverdi’s complete works were published in 1932, performances of the Vespers began to take place in Europe, and recordings emerged in the 1960s. Today, listeners agree that Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers of the Blessed Virgin truly exemplifies one of its composer’s own core beliefs: “The end of all good music is to affect the soul.”

What kind of music is in Monteverdi’s Vespers?

chorus. The only true instrumental piece is the Sonata sopra Sancta Maria, in which the sopranos sing a variant of a plainsong phrase from the Litany of the Saints while the instruments scurry around them in virtuosic flourishes. Unlike Bach’s Passions or Handel’s oratorios, the Monteverdi Vespers were forgotten for centuries.

Who was Claudio Monteverdi?

Born in Cremona on May 15, 1567, Claudio Monteverdi displayed musical talent at an early age.

How does Monteverdi use the chorus?

Monteverdi uses the chorus for all texts that are strictly liturgical, setting them using the appropriate chant as a cantus firmus, or structural foundation. In so doing, he both displays his prowess with traditional sacred compositional techniques and shows how they can be merged with modern expressive sensibilities.

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