What is baler twine used for?

What is baler twine used for?

Baling twine or baler twine is a small diameter sisal or synthetic twine used to bind a quantity of fibrous material (notably hay or straw) into a more compact and easily stacked form.

What do the numbers on baler twine mean?

Twine is measured by knot strength, which indicates the amount of force it takes before the knot breaks in the machine. “The knot strengths are starting out at 130 knot for small square bales, and they go from 130 to 170, to 210, and those are basically all knot strengths for small square bales,” he says.

How long is a roll of baler twine?

Each unit comes with two rolls totaling 4600 feet of twine….Specifications.

Model Hemp Twine
Roll Height 10″
Roll Diameter 7.5″
Twine Length per 2-Pack 4,600′ (2,300′ per Roll)
Roll Weight 5.8 lbs

What holds a hay bale together?

Net wrap refers to the wrapping or string that binds hay together. Round bales are commonly fed to cattle and the net wrap that keeps them together comes in different materials. It doesn’t matter what type of wrap is used or whether the hay bales are fed whole or after grinding, many producers leave the wrap on.

What are the different sizes of twine?

White Twisted Nylon Twine

Size Break Strength Length/1 Lb. Spool
4 15 lb. 6,557 ft.
5 28 lb. 4,888 ft.
6 36 lb. 3,283 ft.
7 65 lb. 2,756 ft.

How long does baling twine last?

Because of its strength and long-life, twine does not easily decompose and will last indefinitely. Baling twine is commonly found on ranches, farms, arenas, ranchettes, stockyards and fairgrounds.

How many round bales of hay are in a roll of twine?

48″ wide divided by 2″ spacing = 24 wraps per roll. 24 wraps at 15.7 feet per wrap= 376.8 feet of twine per roll.

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