What is auto provisioning Yealink?

What is auto provisioning Yealink?

Auto Provisioning Yealink IP Phones Auto provisioning allows for remote configuration of IP phones so you can manage all your devices from your Telzio dashboard without every touching them physically.

How do I provision a Yealink phone?

Provisioning Yealink phones manually

  1. Get your Yealink phone’s IP Address.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the phone’s IP address in the Address bar.
  3. Log in to the phone’s Web UI.
  4. Navigate to Account > Register.
  5. Get the provisioning details and input the information to the following fields:
  6. Click Confirm.

How do you provision a Yealink t42s?

Manually Provision Phone into Production

  1. In a web browser on a computer on the same network as the phone, browse to the phone’s IP address.
  2. Log in as admin and enter the password admin.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Auto Provision.
  4. Click Autoprovision Now.

How do you provision a Yealink T46G?

Provisioning a Yealink T46G Phone

  1. Go to Menu > Advanced > Reset & Reboot.
  2. Select Reset to Factory.
  3. Under Reset Option press Full Reset.
  4. Click OK. The phone should now reset to factory default settings.
  5. Go to Menu > Advanced once the phone resets. Password: admin.

How do I use Yealink RPS?

How to Use RPS

  1. Obtain access to Yealink’s RPS server from your 888VoIP representative.
  2. Register the MAC addresses of your Yealink IP Phones to be configured with the URL of your provisioning server on Yealink’s RPS server.
  3. Power your Yealink phones & connect them to the web.

What does unknown URI scheme mean?

The error, “416 Unsupported URI Scheme” or “VoIP Unknown URI Scheme”, is a common one. It can occur when using a VoIP phone with SIP technology. With this code, the phone extension isn’t working or isn’t supported by the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). 416 is an error that comes up when a call doesn’t go through.

How do you provision a w60b?


  1. Press the OK softkey.
  2. Select Status > System Status and then write down the phone’s IP Address (it may scroll to display the entire address).
  3. Go to Settings > Auto Provision.
  4. Click Confirm > Autoprovision Now > Yes.

What does RPS stand for on Yealink?

Yealink RPS (Redirect To Provisioning Server) is a free service from Yealink to help VoIP service providers provision phones with zero touch.

What is RPS VoIP?

RPS Diagram. RPS is a free service for Yealink customers all over the world. By simply entering the MAC address of an IP phone and the URL of the provision server into Yealink’s RPS server, upon initial boot-up the phone can be redirected to its pre-assigned server for configuration updating. Benefits of RPS.

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