What is another way to say in accordance with?

What is another way to say in accordance with?

What is another word for in accordance with?

commensurate with in agreement with
suitable for as per
in harmony with as specified by
in consonance with conforming to
accordant with in congruence with

What does it mean in accordance with?

Definition of in accordance with : in a way that agrees with or follows (something, such as a rule or request) In accordance with your request, I am sending a copy of my book.

Is it in accordance with or in accordance to?

It’s correct to say “in accordance with” if we’re referring to something that we are complying with, such as a law, a contract, or a request. The phrase “in accordance to,” although sometimes seen in informal speech, is grammatically incorrect.

What is the synonym of accordingly?

appropriately, correspondingly, properly, proportionately, respectively, subsequently, therefore, thus, consequently, in due course, duly, equally, ergo, fitly, hence, in consequence, in respect to, resultantly, so, suitably.

How do you abbreviate accordance with?

IAW. Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Idioms.

What does in accordance with the law mean?

“In accordance with the law” is a phrase commonly used in legal writing. To say in accordance with the law is to say that a person will comply with the terms of the law or will abide by or obey the law.

Is in accordance with law?

Is in accordance with contract?

In accordance with means that a person agrees with someone’s suggestion, proposal, wishes or request. It can also mean that a person will act according to contractual obligations, rules, policy or law. You can define in accordance with to mean to be in agreement with.

What is a synonym for why?

due to this action. as a result of doing this. why. thereon.

What is IAW Army?

IAW—In accordance with.

What does IAW mean?

In Accordance with

Term Main definition
IAW In Accordance with

How to use in accordance with in a sentence?

“According to…” is usually used when you restate something someone told you or something you have heard or read somewhere.

  • “In accordance with…” is used in more formal contexts to introduce the notion of conformity.
  • It is common that people use “according to” when they should use “in accordance with ”.
  • What is another word for in accordance with?

    conformance. accord. accordance. coherence. compliance. conformation. conforming. conformity. congruence.

    What does in accordance mean?

    The term, ‘in accordance’ means to agree or conform to someone or something. For example, ‘I carried out the plan in accordance with your guidelines.” Accordance is the act of granting or giving. It may be called as the granting or rights or duties.

    Can be used in accordance with?

    What’s important to remember is that “in accordance with” is generally used in a formal context to introduce something that conforms with a formal agreement. “According to” is used more often in everyday speech and is mostly used to restate something you’ve heard or read.

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