What is an outward-facing company?

What is an outward-facing company?

by Christopher Meyer on 07/20/2010 2 comments. This article outlines how to turn an inward facing organization outwards. It is meant for companies that seek significant growth rather than those in a pitched battle with established competitors in mature markets.

What is outward-facing marketing?

The outward-facing role is market-facing. Someone in this role speaks to the customers and users, investigates market opportunities and defines high level requirements for the product. This role is very important, since you can only define the right thing to be built by looking at your market.

What does outward looking approach mean?

looking beyond oneself; open-minded and reaching out to other people, organizations, etc.

What is facing inward?

If something moves or faces inwards, it moves or faces towards the inside or centre of something.

Why employees are the outward face of the company?

Employees are the outward face of your company. As a CEO or a manager, you want the best people on your team because in the end, they are a reflection of you and your company. Professional development helps employees continue to not only be competent in their profession, but also excel in it.

What is outward facing applications?

The idea of an ‘Outward Facing’ application is this notion that requests are coming from a semi-known source. An unsafe assumption, but the idea here is to narrow the source of requests- think of these as semi-public applications.

What is outward and inward?

As adjectives the difference between inward and outward is that inward is situated on the inside; that is within, inner; belonging to the inside while outward is outer; located towards the outside.

What does inward focus mean?

When our communications are inwardly focused, they are more about what’s good for us than what’s good for others involved. Our benefit, our schedule, our needs, and what makes us feel good or invites others to show us how appreciated we are.

What is public facing?

Available to the general public. The term refers to any free or paid application or system that the public can access. Also called “customer facing,” information systems often comprise a public-facing component as well as a private side that is available only to the internal staff. See public IP address.

Is a VPN internet-facing?

Examples of internet-facing applications include web applications, web servers, SSH gateways, VPN gateways, cloud application delivery platforms, internet-facing firewalls, or any other remotely accessible services that are either deliberately or accidentally placed on an internet-facing server instead of behind a VPN …

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