What is an autism friendly film screening?

What is an autism friendly film screening?

Autism friendly screenings are sometimes called relaxed or sensory friendly screenings. Adjustments are made to reduce stress and sensory input, such as low lighting and sound, freedom to move and staff trained in autism awareness. Use the map and buttons below to find autism friendly screenings near you.

What is a sensory friendly film?

Sensory Friendly Films are a special opportunity for individuals living with autism and others to enjoy films in a safe and accepting environment. Lights in the theatre are turned slightly up (dim lights will remain on) and the sound is turned slightly down.

How do I find autism friendly cinema?

To find out about autism friendly screenings at your local cinema, simply select the ‘Autism friendly’ filter when looking for films and showtimes at your cinema. If no performances are displayed, there may not be any autism-friendly screenings that week.

What is an autism friendly performance?

Autism-Friendly performances are theater experiences in which the environment and typical “rules of attendance” have been relaxed to accommodate individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and the families and professional who support them.

Can I take my autistic child to the cinema?

Autism-friendly screenings Families are able to enjoy a film in an environment designed for people on the autism spectrum, their friends and carers. During the film, low lights are left on inside the auditorium, the volume of the film is reduced and there should not be any trailers.

What is sensory friendly screening?

To reduce overstimulation, Sensory Friendly Screenings feature adjustments including reduced audio volume, dimmed lighting for the duration of the film, the removal of trailers and a smaller number of guests in the auditorium. Families can also bring their own snacks to accommodate for any special dietary requirements.

How do you create a sensory friendly event?

Below are some additional tips that can help make your event welcoming for individuals with autism, as well as others with sensory issues.

  1. Designate a Quiet Area.
  2. Provide Social Stories.
  3. Provide Sensory Toys/Activities.
  4. Allow Support Staff to Join for Free.
  5. Ask for Feedback.
  6. Advertising.

What is a sensory-friendly show?

Sensory-friendly performances are designed to create a welcoming and comfortable arts experience for people with autism or other disabilities. Modifcations include include: Lower sound level, especially for startling or loud sounds. Lights remain on at a low level in the theater during the performance.

What is sensory-friendly clothing?

Sensory-friendly clothing is designed for people with sensory sensitivities. Moreover, it has several unique features. Oftentimes, sensory-friendly clothing is designed for people who are hypersensitive, especially to touch. Below are some common features found in sensory-friendly clothing.

What is audio description Cineworld?

Audio description is special service for blind and visually impaired cinema goers. For selected films, a narration track is available which can be accessed through special headphones only. This fills the gaps between dialogue by describing what is happening on screen and doesn’t affect other spectators’ experience.

Can you watch audio description films normally?

During gaps in the film’s dialogue, a narrator’s voice will play through the headphones explaining all the action on screen. Meanwhile, the film’s soundtrack plays through the cinema sound system as normal. Which means guests can enjoy the film both with and without audio description.

What is an autism friendly cinema?

Our Autism Friendly screenings are adapted in a variety of ways to help reduce anxiety and over-stimulation and ensure a safe, enjoyable cinema experience for people with autism, and their families, friends and carers. All participating cinemas have their Autism Friendly screenings on the third Sunday of the month.

What is an autism friendly screening?

Featuring exclusive film previews, interviews and much more, this is the place for anyone slightly obsessed with cinema. Our Autism Friendly screenings are adapted in a variety of ways to help reduce anxiety and over-stimulation and ensure a safe, enjoyable cinema experience for people with autism, and their families, friends and carers.

What are autism friendly adjustments?

Autism friendly adjustments are designed to make the cinema more inclusive and accessible for people with sensory sensitivities, and others who can benefit. Adjustments are guidelines we share with our partner cinemas and in our free training for other chains and independent cinemas.

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