What is Ah Lian in Singapore?

What is Ah Lian in Singapore?

Noun. Ah Lian (plural Ah Lians) (derogatory) A young Chinese woman in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia, associated with a stereotype of having little education or sophistication and operating within secret societies and street gangs.

What makes an Ah Lian?

A stereotypical Ah Beng would be someone who is not highly educated, is loud and unsophisticated, and operates within secret societies and street gangs. Ah Lians on the other hand are regarded as bimbos, and are stereotyped as anti-intellectual, superficial, materialistic, and shallow.

What does YP mean in Singapore?

The ubiquitous Ah Beng, or YP, which stands for “young punk”, is an icon in local popular culture. An unavoidable subject of any discourse involving local youths, Ah Bengs — and their female counterparts, Ah Lians — have been evolving quickly with technology and the times.

What is a Xiao Mei Mei?

XMM, or ‘xiao mei mei’, means ‘little sister’ or ‘little girl’ in Mandarin. Urban Dictionary defines XMM as a girl around the ages of 12 to 15 who smokes Viceroy Hokkaido Mint, dates someone older than her, and posts videos on TikTok.

What is YB?

Definitions of YB. a unit of information equal to 1000 zettabytes or 10^24 bytes. synonyms: yottabyte.

What SAF means?


Acronym Definition
SAF Secretary of the Air Force
SAF Society of American Foresters
SAF Singapore Armed Forces
SAF Strategic Air Force (US DoD)

What is xiao means in Chinese?

Xiao may refer to: Filial piety (Chinese: 孝, Xiào), or “being good to parents”, a virtue in Chinese culture.

What is Limpeh Kali Kong?

Limpeh Ka Li Gong Popularized by I Not Stupid in 2002, limpeh ka li gong entered our lingo in the 90s. Literally translated from Hokkien as “my father tell you”, it tells the listener to listen closely to whatever is said next.

What is Gian Hokkien?

(Singlish, colloquial) Greedy for, and always on the lookout for, cheap deals or freebies.

What does WBY mean?

what ’bout you?
WBY is a text and chat acronym that means what about you? (or what ’bout you?).

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