What is accelerated curing tank?

What is accelerated curing tank?

Accelerated curing is any method by which high early age strength is achieved in concrete. These techniques are especially useful in the prefabrication industry, wherein high early age strength enables the removal of the formwork within 24 hours, thereby reducing the cycle time, resulting in cost-saving benefits.

How do you do accelerated curing?


  1. Prepare the specimen and store it in moist air of at least 90% relative humidity and at a temperature of 27+2oC for 23 hrs + 15 minutes.
  2. Lower the specimen, into a curing tank with water at 100 0C and keep it totally immersed for 3 ½ hours + 5 minutes.

What is Tank curing?

Standard Curing Tanks Curing involves immersing the samples in a water bath at least 8 hours after placing them into the sample moulds. The primary purpose of curing is to ensure that all samples are similar with regards to quality and strength.

What is accelerated curing test of concrete?

Accelerated Curing Method is used to get early high compressive strength in concrete. This method is also used to find out 28 days compressive strength of concrete in 28 hours. (As per IS 9013-1978-Method of making, curing and determining compressive strength of accelerated cured concrete test specimens).

What is curing and how it is done?

Curing is the process of maintaining the moisture of freshly placed concrete to complete the hydration process and to ensure proper hardening, attaining desirable strength and durability. Curing keeps the concrete surface moist and reduces shrinkage.

What is the cure time for concrete?

Concrete typically takes 24 to 48 hours to dry enough for you to walk or drive on it. However, concrete drying is a continuous and fluid event, and usually reaches its full effective strength after about 28 days. Here are some of the basic facts regarding the question of concrete drying time.

Which method is recommended for rapid gain of strength of concrete?

Detailed Solution

Method of Curing When to Use
High-pressure steam curing Adopted where strength development of concrete is very rapid.
Infrared radiation curing It has much more rapid gain of strength can be obtained than even with steam curing.

What is minimum curing period?

For most concrete structures, the curing period at temperatures above 5º C (40º F) should be a minimum of 7 days or until 70% of the specified compressive or flexural strength is attained. The period can be reduced to 3 days if high early strength concrete is used and the temperature is above 10º C (50º F).

What is curing and its types?

Curing is the process or operation which controls the loss of moisture from concrete after it has been placed in position, or in the manufacture of concrete products, thereby providing time for the hydration of the cement to occur.

Is Code cube a test?

IS: 456-2000 (Fourth Revision) with amendments plain and reinforced concrete – Code of Practice, BIS, New Delhi. 2. Kishore Kaushal, “Quality Control of Construction – Testing of Concrete Cubes”, Indian Construction, Apr….Concrete Strength Acceptance Criteria IS:456-2000.

Quantity of concrete in the work, m3 Number of samples
1 – 5 1
6 – 15 2
16 – 30 3
31 – 50 4

Is code for accelerated curing method?

The specification of the accelerated curing tank has been mentioned in IS code 9013. The curing tank should be made of corrosion-resistant material. The internal size of the curing tank should be accommodating the concrete specimens with sufficient water for immersing.

What is the minimum curing period?

The minimum period for curing concrete to attain maximum strength is 28 Days.

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