What is a proper shipping name?

What is a proper shipping name?

Proper shipping name is the standard technical name to describe the hazard properties and the composition of dangerous goods. You need to choose a UN number (usually, 4 digits) and a proper shipping name from Dangerous Goods List that can most accurately describe your dangerous goods.

How do proper shipping names appear in the HazMat table?

specified), the letter G identifies proper shipping names for which one or more technical names must be entered in parenthesis in association with the basic description. transportation. An alternate proper shipping name may be selected when only domestic transportation is involved.

What is the proper shipping name for hazardous material?

DOT regulations require that a Proper Shipping Name (PSN) be used when labeling shipments of hazardous materials. In many instances, these will be generic (broad classes of) names such as “poisonous liquid, n.o.s.”; see below for specific examples.

How do I find my DOT shipping name?

To select a proper shipping name, refer to column 2 of the hazardous materials table at 49 CFR 172.101 and look for a shipping name that most specifically corresponds to the material to be shipped.

What is an example of a technical name?

Examples of technical names include those used for complex mixtures (e.g., petroleum fractions or natural products), pesticides (e.g., ISO or ANSI systems), dyestuffs (Color Index system) and minerals.

How do you recognize a shipping name in the schedules?

1. Determine the shipping name: Check if the product name is listed in Schedule 1 or Schedule 3. If the product’s name is listed only in Schedule 3, use the UN number from Column 3 in this schedule to look up the product in Schedule 1.

Is aerosols poison a proper shipping name?

One important thing to remember is that Aerosol or Receptacle proper shipping names can never be used when shipping Division 2.3 Poison Gas.

When shipping hazardous waste the proper shipping name shall include the word waste preceding the proper shipping name of the material?

A1. No. Use of the word “waste” preceding a proper shipping name is reserved for a hazardous waste. Materials that are excepted from the hazardous waste manifest requirements of the U.S. EPA are not “hazardous wastes” as defined in § 171.8 of the HMIZ.

What is a DOT shipping name?

Shipping of hazardous materials is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The IATA regulations govern air transport not only in the US, but worldwide as well.

What appears first on hazmat shipping papers?

Hazardous materials must be listed first on a shipping paper that also lists non-hazardous materials, or be written or highlighted in a clearly contrasting color.

What are the 3 types of technical definition?

There are three main types of technical definitions. Power definitions. Secondary definitions. Extended definitions.

How do you write a technical description?

Follow these simple steps to create an astounding technical description:

  1. Define your audience. The first and most critical step to writing a technical description is to define your audience.
  2. Describe the result.
  3. Gather Information.
  4. Build an outline.
  5. Make it interactive.
  6. Proofread & Edit.
  7. Keep updating.

What does UN mean in a shipping name?

Those preceded by the letters “UN” are associated with proper shipping names considered appropriate for international transportation as well as domestic transportation. Description: Column 4 lists the identification number assigned to each proper shipping name.

What does Unun 3164 stand for?

UN 3164: Articles, pressurized pneumatic or hydraulic containing non-flammable gas – Substance information – HazMat Tool Articles, pressurized pneumatic or hydraulic containing non-flammable gas Emergency Response Guide No. 126 Data from the Hazardous Materials Table

What are the packing requirements for UN 3164?

This instruction applies to UN 3164 on passenger aircraft and Cargo Aircraft Only. The General Packing Requirements of 5.0.2 must be met. when installed in construction equipment and assembled machinery, articles must be designed and constructed with a burst pressure of not less than five times their charged pressure at 21 ° C when shipped.

What is a proper shipping name/description?

Proper Shipping Name/Description — Contains an alphabetical listing of dangerous goods articles and substances identified by their proper shipping names together with qualifying descriptive text. The proper shipping name is shown in bold (dark) type whereas the descriptive text is shown in light type.

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