What is a normal PPD result?

What is a normal PPD result?

An induration of 15 mm or more is considered positive in: Always considered positive in any person. Healthy individuals without any risk factors for TB.

How can you tell if a PPD test is positive?

The test is “positive” if there is a bump of a certain size where the fluid was injected. This means you probably have TB germs in your body. Most people with a positive TB skin test have latent TB infection. To be sure, your doctor will examine you and give you a chest x-ray.

How big is a positive PPD test?

* For employees who are otherwise at low risk for TB and who are tested as part of an infection control screening program at the start of employment, a reaction of 15 mm is considered positive.

How many mm induration is a negative TB test?

The Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) Induration less than 5 mm diameter following a standard injection of 5 units PPD is regarded as negative and greater than 10 mm diameter as positive. PPD may have a booster effect on immunologic memory, which can cause confusion if re-testing occurs after a few months.

Is it normal for a TB test to bruise?

Some people experience some redness, rash, slight bruising or a small bump at the site. DO not WORRY! These reactions are common and do not necessarily mean you have a positive test. On a rare occasion, some people are very sensitive to the solution and develop a severe skin reaction.

Does a positive PPD mean I have TB?

The most commonly used skin test to check for TB is the PPD — purified protein derivative. If you have a positive PPD, it means you have been exposed to a person who has tuberculosis and you are now infected with the bacteria (mycobacterium tuberculosis) that causes the disease.

Is a PPD supposed to itch?

Occasionally, there can be some itching at the site, but try to avoid scratching! DO not use any creams on the site (including Benadryl or Cortisone) since they will interfere with the results of your test. You CAN apply a cold compress to the area to alleviate the itching.

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