What is a meaning of provisionally?

What is a meaning of provisionally?

(Entry 1 of 2) : serving for the time being : temporary a provisional government.

How do you use provisionally?

Use “provisionally” in a sentence | “provisionally” sentence examples

  1. The meeting has been provisionally arranged for the end of May.
  2. The meeting has been provisionally arranged for 3.00 pm next Friday.
  3. It was provisionally agreed that 12 August was to be the date.
  4. Club members have provisionally agreed to the changes.

What is the meaning of provisionally selected?

You use provisional to describe something that has been arranged or appointed for the present, but may be changed in the future. adj.

What’s another word for provisionally?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for provisional, like: circumstantial, temporary, passing, ad hoc, tentative, conditional, transient, contingent, dependent, experimental and iffy.

What is the difference between provisional and temporary?

They are very similar in meaning. The main difference is that something “TEMPORARY”: is ‘expected’ to come to an end in the PRESENT TENSE. Whereas something temporary ‘didn’t last a long time’ in the PAST TENSE. Something ‘PROVISIONAL’ is, by its nature, ‘designed’ to come to an end.

Does provisional mean temporary?

Something provisional is temporary, in the sense that it’s only valid for a while. You’ll often hear provisional used to describe things such as governments, elections, contracts, and agreements, all of which can change into something permanent.

What is the meaning of provisionally accepted in SSC?

Provisionally accepted means your application has not yet been verified with your documents and has no corrections as of now.

What does UJ mean by provisionally selected?

What this means is that, yes you have met the minimum requirements for the course you applied for which is great, but this is not the final status or admittance, this is a temporary status which is subject to change at a particular date based on space availability and if all requirements have been met.

What is the synonym of draft?

plan, blueprint, design, artist’s impression, diagram, drawing, scale drawing, outline, sketch, pattern, map, layout, representation.

Which is the closest antonym for the word provisional?


  • unlimited,
  • unqualified.
  • What is a provisional job?

    provisional jobnoun. A job that can be filled without being appointed from a civil service list.

    What is a provisional offer?

    A provisional offer means that they will offer you a place on the condition that you achieve or better the minimum grades they require (not just points score)


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