What is a marker light Tau?

What is a marker light Tau?

A Markerlight is essentially a laser targeting system wielded by Tau infantry, mounted on a weapon, carried by a drone and aimed like any other weapon.

What does marker light do in Warhammer 40k?

Marker Lights allow T’au Fire Warriors and vehicles to: Fire more accurately upon their targets. Be able to see and target enemies in darkness clearly. Call in Seeker Missiles on the target, either from Skyrays or missiles mounted on other T’au vehicles.

How do you use Markerlights Tau?

Each time a model in that unit makes a ranged attack against a unit with one or more Markerlight Tokens, add 1 to that attack’s hit roll. After that unit has finished making attacks, for each enemy unit targeted by those attacks, remove one Markerlight token from that enemy unit.

Do marker lights stack?

Marker lights also took a big change as they no longer start to stack like they used to. Now it is just replaced with an Action that units can do in the movement phase.

What do marker drones do?

Marker Drones are primarily equipped with a Marker Light, which it can use to designate targets for other squads of T’au warriors. The Marker Light can then feed targeting information to the squad to drastically improve the effectiveness of their firepower.

How do you fire a marker light?

One Markerlight on an enemy target allows all other T’au units firing at that target to re-roll hit rolls of 1. Two hits allow Seeker Missiles to be fired at the model’s Ballistic Skill (otherwise Seekers would hit on 6s). Three hits allow the firing unit to ignore the target’s cover.

What do Tau Pathfinders do?

Overview. Pathfinder teams range far ahead of Hunter Cadres in search of enemy forces. They maintain a watch on the foe while remaining hidden, reporting details of the enemy’s nature and disposition by way of encrypted and undetectable communication systems.

What do Markerlight drones do?

How do Marker Drones look? For ten points, we get a Toughness 4, 4+ save, Ballistic Skill 5 model armed with a Markerlight. Marker Drones ignore the penalty for moving and shooting a Heavy weapon, which is welcome, but that Ballistic Skill is a real problem.

Can Tau drones hold objectives?

They do not get objective secured, as they are not a troop slot detachment however, so cannot contest control versus a unit that does have objective secured. So if your drones are on an objective, they are controlling it.

Are Tau snipers good?

Not only is it higher strength (and thus forces more armor saves onto those often weakly-armored support characters), but it also has a longer range, can get multiple shots, and can fire on the move without penalty. All in all, we have to call it one of the best sniper weapons in the game.

How do you use a marker light?

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