What is a kangaroo paw?

What is a kangaroo paw?

Kangaroo paw ( Anigozanthos) is a genus of 11 species and multiple subspecies of flowering plants that are native to Australia. These plants have long, slender, arching leaves similar to the foliage of daylilies or amaryllis plants.

How much sun does a kangaroo paw plant need?

These plants prefer to grow in full sun. At least six hours of direct sunlight on most days will enable kangaroo paw plants to produce the best growth and blooms. They can even tolerate intense light from hot afternoon sun. Insufficient light can cause tall plants to flop over and lessen bloom production.

How do you revive a kangaroo paw plant?

Divide the plant in the spring with a sharp knife, or save seeds from ripe fruits to ensure new kangaroo paw plants the following growing season. Kangaroo paws are short-lived perennials, so even if you live in a frost-free growing zone your original plant may not return after two or three years.

What is wrong with my kangaroo paw plant?

Although these plants have no serious problems with pests or diseases, watch your kangaroo paw plant for signs of ink spot disease. The fungus manifests itself as blackening of the leaves and stems. Remove diseased foliage, and aim to prevent the fungus by keeping plants in full sun with good air circulation and well-draining soil.

What determines the colour of kangaroo paws flowers?

The size, flower-stalk height and colour of kangaroo paws flowers varies between the species. Many new forms have also arisen as the result of deliberate hybridisation. The overall colour of the flowers is influenced by fine coloured hairs which cover the flowers and, sometimes, part of the stalk.

Is it worth it to prune kangaroo paws?

Pruning and maintaing Kangaroo paws, (Anigozanthos) is worth the effort because it is very simple to do and greatly improves the look and health of your plant. Anigozanthos flavidus. The native western Australian plant, “Kangaroo paws,” ( Anigozanthos) seem to be everywhere these days.

What is wrong with my kangaroo paws?

Unfortunatley, Kangaroo paws are vulnerable to a dark, sooty fungus called “Ink spot” disease. Usually due to overly humid conditions, poor drainage and lack of air circulation around the plant. Make sure the water at the root zone is actually percolating through the soil and not stagnant around the roots.

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