What is a good Christian name for a dog?

What is a good Christian name for a dog?

Male Biblical Dog Names

Votes Name
8 Rufus Son of Simon a Cyrenian who helped carry the cross of Jesus Christ; found in the Book of Mark
6 Luke Author of the third gospel in the New Testament
6 Gideon Great warrior; military leader found in the Book of Judges
6 Ezekiel Strength in God; name of Hebrew prophet

What is a dog called in the Bible?

According to the King James Version, there is a dog breed mentioned. In the bible, the specific dog mentioned in the Bible is the Greyhound, also known as the Saluki breed in the proverbs 30:29-31 King James Version.

What are some spiritual names for dogs?

Spiritual dog names

  • Aikido – Japanese for “harmony; spirit or energy”
  • Angel – Messenger of God.
  • Arial – The lion of God.
  • Asher – Hebrew for “blessed, fortunate”
  • Bless – holiness.
  • Bliss – Supreme heavenly happiness; utter joy or contentment.
  • Brahma – the Hindu creator god.
  • Buddha – enlightened.

Are any dogs named in the Bible?

Dogs in the Bible Dogs are mentioned often in the Bible, typically in a negative context to make a point (“Do not give dogs what is holy” Matthew 7:6). But historians have discovered that dogs had been domesticated and served as companions, hunters, herders, and guard dogs.

What dog name means gift from God?

Male Dog Names Meaning Gift of God

Votes Name
8 Gabriel Given by God; can be shortened to Gabe
7 Zane Variant of John meaning gift from God
6 Celdic Gift of splendor
6 Ivaan Hindu for born ruler; one who is gracious

Are there cats in the Bible?

Cat — Mention of this animal occurs not once in the Protestant Bible. It is mentioned in Baruch 6:21. The cat was very familiar to the Egyptians, it seems to have been known to the Jews, as well as to the Assyrians and Babylonians, even to the Greeks and Romans before the conquest of Egypt.

What dog name means blessing?

Male Dog Names Meaning Blessed

Votes Name
2 Boone Refers to a good blessing
2 Abel One who is blessed and founded by God
2 Anwar One who is a bright light or a blessing
1 Jedediah One who is blessed and beloved by God

Is Cat in the Bible?

Is honey a pet name?

In most states, the second most popular pet name was honey/hun/honeybunch. This name is particularly popular in the southeastern and northwestern parts of the United States. We particularly love “honey” because it could just as easily be coming from your partner or your grandma.

What are some fun dog names?


  • Barky McBarkstein
  • Bugs (Bunny)
  • Captain Underpants (‘Captain’ for short)
  • Cat-Dog
  • Daffy (Duck)
  • Dwight
  • Ernie
  • Godzilla
  • Herman
  • What are good Christmas dog names?

    Aaron (The Little Drummer Boy)

  • Alpine
  • Angel
  • Antler
  • Aspen
  • Baby
  • Balthasar
  • Bell
  • Bert (From It’s a Wonderful Life)
  • Beth
  • What is a good name for a dog?


  • Alistair
  • Andretti
  • Antoinette
  • Beatrix
  • Beckham
  • Chico
  • Chauncey
  • Enrique
  • Fabrizio
  • What are some funny names for pets?

    Chestnut – perfect for a brown-coated male animal

  • Azalea – a beautiful pink flowering shrub
  • Poplar – based on a plant from the willow family
  • Yasmine – a variation of jasmine
  • Olive – a cute and funny pet name for a lovely female
  • Clover – for a sweet cat of either gender
  • Holly – another funny,girly choice
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